Everything You Need to Know About Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style takes into account a few cozy features — like rustic woods, burlap details, and mason jars — to create a breezy and perfectly lived-in space. Elements of nature can be found throughout these country homes where life moves as slow as molasses.

The key to decorating a farmhouse-style home is to avoid landing on the edge of tacky. When designing your space, using fake flowers, kitschy signage, and the like can be just a bit too over-the-top. Begin with these homey furniture and decor elements and you'll be right on track to a beautiful space.

Add Hardwood Floors for Character

hardwood floors
credit: DIYside.com

What's a farmhouse without beautiful hardwoods? Refinished floors with historical charm are a bonus, but if your home doesn't have original hardwoods, the look can definitely be re-created with new planks as well. Check out this article for more info on how to refinish hardwoods yourself.

Decorate With Family Heirlooms and Portraits

An old family portrait adds a welcome touch of history to a farmhouse-style home. Similarly, family heirlooms, such a jewelry boxes or clocks, function as meaningful and sentimental decor pieces. If you don't have family heirlooms, a quick stop to the antique or thrift shop should do the trick.

Add Visual Interest With Shiplap

credit: Robert Stilin

Shiplap is incredibly versatile, so go to town on your walls or ceilings. It can be purchased at the home improvement store or uncovered in older homes. Paint it white or keep it natural — both look great. You can shiplap just about anything, and with a bit of elbow grease there's no need to hire a professional.

Paint Spaces With Light and Neutral Colors

light paint color
credit: MisDIY

Farmhouse style homes are breezy and bright. Shades of light gray, cream, yellow and white are ideal.

Use Barn Doors to Make a Big Impact

barn doors
credit: Coastal Charm

Definitely bring some doors from the barn into your farmhouse. They add so much visual interest to a space, especially if they're distressed.

Incorporate Burlap (Sparingly)

Burlap effortlessly offers a country feel. Going overboard with it can leave your home looking like it's ready for a hoe-down, though. Incorporate it sparingly, such as on a lampshade or as a bow on a wreath.

Pick Cushy Furniture That's Comfy-Cozy

plush furniture
credit: Liz Marie

If it's not comfortable, it's not farmhouse style. Add in decorative pillows, blankets... pretty much anything that'll make you never want to leave your couch.

Install a Farmhouse Sink

Not to be too literal, but... farmhouse sinks are a must. Plus, they're actually super practical. They have large basins, so you'll never have to worry about splashing water everywhere again.

Buy a Wood Dining Table

dining table with bench
credit: James + James

Wooden dining tables speak to the casual, homey feel of a farmhouse home. Replacing some chairs with a wooden bench also gives a country schoolhouse feel to the design.

Gather Up Some Mason Jars

mason jar bouquet
credit: The Wow Decor

Mason jars are affordable, and they add endless amounts of character to your space. Fill them with flowers or place them in your open shelves as decor — there are tons of DIY projects featuring mason jars.

Embrace a White Kitchen

As you would with a fence, whitewash your kitchen. Don't shy away from white-on-white, either. When done right, it can be fresh, clean, and pretty. Adding in natural wood elements looks great as well.

Add a Swing to Your Front Porch

front porch
credit: DecOMG

Sundays are just better on a porch swing, with a glass of lemonade and a pup beside you, overlooking the neighborhood. Invest in one that both adds curb appeal and is super comfy.

Display Your Treasures in Open Shelves

open shelves
credit: DecOMG

Open shelves or built-ins are the perfect place to display farm-inspired decor and family heirlooms. Go for a simple white or rustic feel with your shelving.

Choose a Farmhouse Ceiling Fan

Farmhouse fans feature rustic wood and offer a homey feel. They're clearly necessary for any good farmhouse.