If You’re Not Doing Any of These 24 DIYs, You’re Doing Life Wrong

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The makings of one epic DIY project
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In our humble opinion here at Hunker, if you're not doing at least one of these DIYs, you are missing a serious opportunity to drastically improve just about any space of your home. A room doesn't feel complete until it's properly adorned with personal touches, and the garage is no exception. Really, all you need are a few inexpensive materials and boundless creativity. From copper pipe to plywood, hand-molded clay bells to an entire chandelier made of tassels, here are some stylish decor ideas that'll cozy up the place. Because as far as we're concerned, creating DIY projects for your home is a trend that will never get tired.

DIY kitty hammock made with wood and double-sided fabric
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Kitty Hammock

This kitty hammock is not only pure luxury for your fur baby with its double-sided fabric dual summer/winter cover, it's also totally machine washable. Our pal Pumpkin thinks it's the cat's pajamas.

Wood bath tray with reading glasses, book, and plants over bathtub
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Wood Bath Tray

Get your hands on some power tools and make your very own wooden bath tray. Our tutorial offers the basics, but feel free to trick this baby out with a custom smartphone holder for Netflix 'n Chill: Tub Edition.

air plants cupped in wire plant holders sticking out of wooden blocks
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Air Plant Holders

Easy-to-care-for house plant, meets easy-to-make holder. This DIY goes out to you serious black thumbs out there, or the dirt averse. Plus your air plants will look like mini palm trees! Who can resist?

Image Credit: Maya Marin
Leather and wood wall hooks offer multi-functional hanging
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Leather and Wood Wall Hooks

These leather and wood wall hooks might be minimal but they offer no shortage of style and utility. Perfect for a small entryway; you'll never forget your keys (or purse) again!

Pressed flowers housed in a pretty, minimal frame
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Pressed Flowers in a Frame

A sweet smelling DIY that will teach you how to press flowers the traditional way: between heavy books and left for upwards of one week. Trust us, it's worth the wait.

DIY dip-dyed tassel chandelier set with modern touches
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Boho Tassel Chandelier

Never enough bohemian vibes to go around: Our boho tassel chandelier DIY shows you how to achieve dip-dyed tassel perfection from start to finish.

A DIY wood wall hanging will add interest to blank walls
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Wood Wall Hanging

Incorporating found natural materials into your interior decor is a stylish choice (not to mention: free) — they are basically like one-of-a-kind sculptures by Mother Nature. This DIY will take you all but one afternoon, and the hardest part will be selecting the perfect branch.

Black and white fringed pillow on chair next to bookcase
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Fringe Pillow

Get fringy with our super simple throw pillow DIY that'll save you a trip to Anthropologie. Though, browsing never hurt anybody ...

Image Credit: Maya Marin
Organize tools in the chicest way possible with copper pipe
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Copper Pipe Tool Organizer

For those who feel pegboards are utterly passé, we offer an alternative: This copper pipe tool organizer will keep everything off the floor and neatly arranged. Because your garage deserves nice things, too.

Create a hidden drying rack, Scandinavia style
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Scandinavian Drying Rack

Go ahead, try saying astiankuivauskaappi three times fast. You're going to need to practice your Finnish, so that you can brag with confidence to all of your dinner party guests about how much counter space you save with this stealthy DIY.

DIY doormat that comes with a cute (free) printable design
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Cute Doormat

If you own the Ring, this message is spot on. Our easy doormat DIY comes with a printable design, and when paired with an inexpensive Ikea mat, this project really is a no-brainer. Do it this weekend.

This DIY leather vase does not look homemade
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Leather Vase

Go faux or real for this modern leather vase tutorial, and consider yourself leveled way up in the DIY home decor game.

You won't see a wall-mounted knife wrack like this anywhere else
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Wall-Mounted Knife Rack

No one will ever know that you made this gorgeous herringbone wall-mounted knife rack from a grip of free wooden pain stirrers. Unless you want to brag, which we kinda recommend because this project is just so cool.

Cute clay bells make for interesting wall hangings
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Clay Bells

This DIY is for you kinesthetic types: Our clay bells tutorial lets you get your hands dirty, all in the name of art with just a little air-dry clay, paint, and time for creativity.

DIY concrete succulent planters perfect for windowsills
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Concrete Succulent Planter

Modern cement succulent planters might just make the most perfect housewarming gifts ... to yourself.

Dip-dye wall art hangs above an entryway bench
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Hanging Wall Art with Dip-Dye Yarn

Make your way far enough down this DIY list and you might just earn a Minor in the Dip-Dye Technique from Hunker University.

Simple freestanding plywood magazine rack
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Plywood Magazine Rack

Plywood is pretty much a midcentury modern lover's best friend (along with the beloved, sacred cinderblock). Utilize the inexpensive material, even if you're renting, to create this portable plywood magazine rack.

a clothing rack with a shoe rack attached made from copper pipe
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Copper Clothing Stand

Using pipe to build furniture is kind of like Legos for adults, only much more practical. And better looking. Our easy to construct copper pipe clothing stand is designed with its own shoe rack and whatever else you can imagine (built-in back scratcher??).

Leather handled vase sits atop a bedroom dresser
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Leather Handled Vase

This super simple DIY project will leave your favorite vintage vase with its very own cool leather koozie.

Mid-century inspired plant stand that will save you some cash
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Midcentury Inspired Plant Stand

You'll get bonus DIY points if you can make this mid-century inspired plant stand with upcycled broom or rake handles. If not, do it with dowels, like we did.

Terrazzo is making a huge interior design comeback
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Terrazzo Table

Terrazzo table by way of the ultimate Ikea Hack: Our tutorial will show you how to make a custom terrazzo piece with help from everyone's favorite Swedish superstar.

Geometric bookends made from concrete
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Concrete Bookends

This one goes out to those gifted mathematicians who passed geometry the first try. Or at least for those who are super studious when it comes to following directions. In this tutorial, we lay out all the measurements for you so you can just create.

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