35 Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Ideas

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Outfitting the bedroom with farmhouse pieces will transform your sleeping quarters. After all, the perfect combination of vintage-style home decor and furniture will convince your brain you've woken up in the countryside each morning, even if you live in the city. But when it comes to bedroom lighting, the options can seem too numerous to handle. Do you want to go simple with a dimmable wall sconce or over-the-top with a beaded pendant light? Are you a chandelier kind of person, or do you live in a hot climate, necessitating a ceiling fan? No matter where you fall on the spectrum, these modern farmhouse bedroom lighting ideas are sure to inspire you. But first, let's talk farmhouse trends for 2021 (and don't worry we've moved past the infamous mason jar).


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What's hot in the world of farmhouse style? Well, rumor has it that modern farmhouse is on its way out, but we beg to differ. There are plenty of design elements that are completely timeless. Plus, there are trend-led accents on their way in that totally fit in with this rustic aesthetic.

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Shiplap wall treatments, barn doors, and farmhouse sinks aren't going anywhere — we promise. But the design trends to watch out for include lighting that resembles weathered vases made of natural materials such as stone or concrete and pale purply-pink hues that have influences in the fashion scene. Thankfully, there's also been a surge in warmer, neutral colors — the ultimate shades required for a farmhouse look. Now on to farmhouse lighting.


Best for Main Bedrooms

1. Hang a vintage-inspired chandelier.

Few decor choices feel as delightfully vintage-farmhouse as a crystal chandelier. When surrounded by rustic accents — like everything in this French cottage bedroom from Seeking Lavender Lane — clear glass chandeliers feel elegant, not glitzy. Pair it with muted wallpaper to further tone down the glamour.


2. Look for something with a bit of charm.

Bring some old-world charm to your bedroom with a traditional fixture that has clean lines. It'll add depth and dimension next to the bed. Studio McGee's swing arm Paulo Bracket is ideal for bringing light to your sleeping zone without taking up any space on the nightstand.



3. Stay subdued.

Love the look of a crystal farmhouse chandelier but lack ceiling height? A flush-mount option, like a faceted crystal light, adds just a hint of glam. Against the backdrop of a whitewashed space, like in Love Grows Wild's farmhouse bedroom refresh, this nod to elegance perfects the airy space. Go with Edison light bulbs to complete the look.


4. Swap your ceiling fan.

Nothing ruins your carefully curated farmhouse vibe like an ugly, builder-grade ceiling fan. Choose a model that perfectly complements your space, like this rustic option. The pale wood suits a Scandinavian-farmhouse space perfectly. But you could go with a brushed nickel selection for a sleek look, too.


5. Say it with schoolhouse style.

Amanda of Midcounty Journal chose a very classic schoolhouse style lighting fixture for her farmhouse bedroom. Set against a paneled ceiling, the black base adds a pinch of contrast, and the end result has a mix of rustic, bright, and airy.



6. Save space with a pendant.

If you're in love with farmhouse style but lack space for a nightstand, adding pendant lighting is the perfect way to give your bedroom a warm glow and infuse a little rustic style. Choose a glass lampshade with weathered metal accents to save visual space while adding countryside flair.


7. Break it up with brass.

Brass wall sconces will break up a dark space and add luxe vibes to a farmhouse look. Katie from Little House of Four spraypainted fixtures that were previously black and infused western accents such as faux leather pillows to keep things rustic.


8. Consider a floor lamp.

You're not required to use your nightstand as a place for lighting, so why not consider adding a floor lamp in your farmhouse bedroom, instead. The Milton Floor Lamp from Serena & Lily will add a subtle yet luxurious touch to the warm wooden tones of any bedroom.


9. Dare to double up.

Why settle for just one lighting source in your bedroom when you can have both a wall fixture and a decorative lamp? The folks at Amber Interiors got the memo, opting for a brass reading sconce and an organic-style lamp with a neutral shade.

Best for Guest Bedrooms

1. Look for the unique.

The lighting in a guest bedroom doesn't need to be over-the-top, but a nod to something slightly fancy will certainly impress your guests. We love the minuscule ceramic ruffle detail on this industrial-style fixture. And it's right on trend for the season, too.

2. Seek out simplicity.

Your guests are likely only using the bedroom to sleep in, so you don't need to layer lots of lighting options. A simple and small wall-mounted style will do the trick. The light switches of the modern fixtures in this airy farmhouse bedroom even hang down so guests don't need to move to turn off the lights.


3. Get inspired by Europe.

Farmhouse style isn't limited to an American traditional look — choosing heavier woods with ornate carvings can lend European charm to your bedroom. Rustic sconces inspire an antique feel. Just take a look at this farmhouse bedroom from DIY Beautify.

4. Keep it light and bright.

If you want to keep things soft and neutral in your bedroom design, choose a lighting style that blends seamlessly with your wall color and soft furnishings. See how the lamp in this space by Wilsons & Co. adds to the overall aesthetic but doesn't steal the show? It's all about getting tonal and adding texture.

5. Mix up the design.

You can achieve a vintage farmhouse look with a few things — striped wallpaper, a wooden headboard, industrial lighting, and some classic vintage art for good measure. This bedroom design ticks ALL the boxes. In your own space, get creative by mixing vintage lights with new accessories.

6. Let your light do the talking.

An oversize pendant lamp with a dimmer will steal the show in a guest bedroom, so you can keep the rest of the interior pared back. The Chango & Co. team did exactly that in this modern farmhouse bedroom, placing simple glass lamps on either side of the bed to avoid distraction from the main event.

7. Go for gold.

An entirely gold lamp might seem like an unusual choice for a farmhouse bedroom, but doesn't this one work so well with all of the blue and gray tones? We're claiming eclectic farmhouse as the new trend on the block.

8. Pretend you're in the English countryside.

Much of the inspiration behind farmhouse design comes from the English countryside. So we say it's time to watch ​Downton Abbey,​ and let the ideas roll on in. If you don't have a British Manor to play with, you can certainly take some inspiration from the candle-like wall sconces in this bedroom from Jenna Sue Design.

Best for Small Bedrooms

1. Ramp it up with rattan.

If you're dealing with a small bedroom, you'll probably want to bring the focus to your main ceiling light. The spherical rattan shade in this modern farmhouse space adds natural tones to the room, contrasting with the dark feature wall.

2. Hang wall lights above your bed.

When you think of wall lights in a bedroom, you often imagine them on either side of the headboard. This modern farmhouse area by Addison's Wonderland, however, features them above the bed, straddling either side of a standout print.

3. Keep it calming.

A farmhouse-style lamp can still be minimal, and this look works especially well if you have a smaller room. The Stetson Table Lamp by Studio McGee has an earthy texture with a minimalist form that brings subtle tones to the space.

4. Hang pendants from the ceiling.

We love how Liz from Within the Grove made the most of her small bedroom by hanging industrial farmhouse pendants on either side of her bed. The black shade frames the artwork and doesn't impose on the top of the small nightstand.

5. Mix materials.

The way you use materials in your small bedroom will have an impact on the way the whole space feels. Lauren McBride transformed this area into a refreshing place to spend the night by placing wooden furniture against white shiplap walls and adding contrast with black conical wall lights.

6. Add interest.

Making your mark in a smaller bedroom isn't easy, so it's the little details that really matter. Ashley of Little Glass Jar created a signature moment in her smaller guest bedroom by opting for a sculptural lamp base perched on a metal stool.

7. Use adjustable fixtures.

When there's barely enough room for the bed, you've got to get creative with lighting solutions. The light fixture in this simple farmhouse space can be moved around easily, helping to light different parts of the area when necessary and also saving anyone from hitting their head.

8. Go for a simple pattern or texture.

Sometimes, farmhouse bedroom decor can feel a little overwhelming with all the wood and large-scale furniture. However, Chaney from Mix & Match Design chose a pared-down table lamp that still fits the countryside theme. The herringbone pattern adds texture without overwhelming the senses.

9. Try a hanging wall light.

A tip for any renters out there: While you might not be able to hardwire wall lights, you can certainly use plug-in options. Simply install a fixture on the wall and wrap the lighting cord around the hook. The farmhouse light in this room from Chango & Co. nails the look.

Best for Kids' Bedrooms

1. Use sconces as individual lamps.

Are the kids clamoring for their own farmhouse bedroom? Switch up the sconces by hanging them above the bed, not the nightstand, like in this cottage-inspired bedroom from blogger Sarah Joy. The accordion-style schoolhouse fixtures complete the farmhouse look with rustic, industrial aplomb.

2. Make it fancy.

Just because it's a kids' space doesn't mean that it has to be childlike. This bedroom design by Park and Oak works with the rest of the house and has the ability to evolve as the children do. The elevated ceiling fixtures give the whole room a perfect amount of flair.

3. Work in a task lamp.

Give your kiddo a little bit of independence. A task light by the bed will allow them to read, study, or scroll social media before nodding off.

4. Add a splash of color.

We're digging the pop of red via the industrial-meets-farmhouse wall light in this little girl's bedroom. The unexpected burst of color is refreshing and helps center the bed as the focal point of the room.

5. Add multiple light fixtures.

This rustic farmhouse bedroom is probably more suited to a teen thanks to the mature aesthetic and school desk, but the concept remains ideal for younger children, too. Two adjustable wall lights frame either side of the window, and a black metal and wire pendant hangs from the highest point of the ceiling. In this case, the more light sources the better.

6. Choose natural materials.

Farmhouse design has a mixture of rustic, industrial, and vintage vibes; think lots of wood and warm tones. And this bedroom is an encapsulation of all of those aspects, blending a wooden bed with metal shelving and a statement steam-bent ceiling light. A similar overhead fixture will create the perfect, relaxed vibe in a kid's space.

7. Section off the space.

This bedroom makes use of two adjustable black light fixtures hung above each bed. The inky color ties in with the cast iron frames, and there's a glass lamp on a dresser in the middle to provide some subtle separation between sleeping areas.

8. Choose something made for twinning.

The clever lamp in this Grit and Polish kiddo bedroom will light up both sides of the sleeping quarters while looking effortlessly stylish. And no wall lighting means there's more room for rattan animal heads. Perfecto!

9. Build it into a bunk.

Recreate this setup for any child, and we're pretty sure you'll nail their dream bed situation. How cool are all those nooks and crannies? The small wall light in the bottom bunk brings a touch of industrial farmhouse to the look and is ideal for late-night reading sessions.

Where to Buy Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting

The interior designers at Studio McGee embody all things modern farmhouse, making their shop the perfect destination if you're on the hunt for something to fit your rustic aesethtic.

Pottery Barn prides itself on style, simplicity, and fine craftsmanship. Look out for neutral options that will integrate seamlessly.

Interior brand Serena & Lily combines coastal, boho, and farmhouse design to create statement light fixtures that will hold their own in any room.

Similar to McGee & Co., Shoppe is a retail section curated by a designer with impeccable farmhouse taste. Every lamp and chandelier is distinctly modern and rustic with a vintage touch.