7 Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Outfitting your farmhouse bedroom is half the fun — after all, the perfect combination of decor and furniture will convince your brain you've woken up in the countryside each morning, even if you live in the city. But when it comes to bedroom lighting, the options can seem too numerous to handle. Do you want to go simple or over-the-top? Are you a chandelier kind of person, or do you live in a hot climate, necessitating a ceiling fan? These modern farmhouse bedroom lighting ideas are sure to inspire the perfect pick for you:

1. Hang a vintage-inspired chandelier

Few decor choices feel so delightfully vintage-farmhouse than a crystal chandelier. When surrounded by farmhouse style — like in this French cottage master bedroom from Seeking Lavender Lane — chandeliers feel elegant, not glitzy. Pair with muted wallpaper to further tone down the glamour.

2. Choose a different European inspiration

A dark wood bed and metal pendant lights
credit: DIY Beautify

Farmhouse style isn't limited to French country or American traditional — choosing heavier woods with ornate carvings can lend European charm to your bedroom. Rustic sconces inspire an antique feel, like in this farmhouse master bedroom from DIY Beautify.

3. Go for a simple pattern or texture

Sometimes, farmhouse bedroom decor can feel a little overwhelming with all that wood and large-scale furniture. Chaney from Mix & Match Design chose a pared-down table lamp that still fits the countryside theme — the bedside herringbone table lamp adds texture without overwhelming the senses.

4. Stay subdued

Love the look of a crystal chandelier but lack ceiling height? A flush-mount option, like a faceted crystal light, adds just a hint of glam. Against the backdrop of a whitewashed bedroom, like in Love Grows Wild's farmhouse bedroom refresh, this nod to elegance perfects the airy space.

5. Use sconces as individual lamps

Sconces above twin beds
credit: Sarah Joy

Kids clamoring for their own farmhouse bedroom? Switch up your sconces by hanging them above the bed, not the nightstand, like in this cottage-inspired bedroom from blogger Sarah Joy. The accordion-style schoolhouse sconces complete the farmhouse look with rustic, industrial aplomb.

6. Swap your ceiling fan

Nothing ruins your carefully curated farmhouse vibe like an ugly, builder-grade ceiling fan. Choose a model that perfectly suits your space, like this more rustic offering. The pale wood suits a Scandinavian-farmhouse hybrid — check out Grey Birch Design's bedroom for some serious inspo.

7. Save space with a pendant

Pendants hanging beside a bed
credit: Pottery Barn

If you're in love with farmhouse style but lack space for a nightstand, a pendant is the perfect way to light up your bedroom at night and add rustic style. Choose a light glass with weathered metal accents to save space while adding countryside flair.

Jamie Wiebe

Jamie Wiebe

Jamie is a freelance writer based in Denver, Colorado, who writes about real estate and interior design.