How to Make Your Bedroom Just a Little Bit Extra? Hang a Chandelier

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You have a bed, luxurious linens, bedside tables, a soft rug, even art on the walls. But your bedroom is still missing something. An instant way to make your sleeping quarters feel pulled together — and, yes, maybe a little bit extra? Hang a chandelier, front and center. Whether your style is modern, midcentury, rustic, or boho, there's a bedroom chandelier out there for you. Here are a few of our favorites for those bold enough to give it a try:


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Bedroom Chandelier Idea #1: Sculptural

A simple (and often inexpensive) way to make a big statement in the bedroom? Hang a sculptural chandelier from the ceiling. We like this super-size paper fixture in a waterfront space designed by Chango & Co., but you can find similar options in all shapes and sizes (and price points, too). Hanging one will instantly transform your bedchamber into an airy sanctuary.


Get the look: Hay Rice Paper Shade, $36.90

Bedroom Chandelier Idea #2: Glam

Go ahead: Get the chandelier that's a little bit glitzy, with glass beads, gold accents, and glittery jewels. Might as well go all-out, making your bedroom feel instantly glamorous.


Get the look: PB Teen Glass Beaded Chandelier, $299

Bedroom Chandelier Idea #3: Midcentury

Opt for a sleek, midcentury bedroom chandelier that looks more art piece than lighting, as seen in this kids' room by Katie Hackworth. A black finish adds a bold and timeless look that contrasts beautifully with the reddish-orange bed frame.


Get the look: France & Son Midcentury Muille Three-Arm MCL-3 Ceiling Lamp, $364

Bedroom Chandelier Idea #4: Classic

Your bedroom chandelier needn't be dripping with diamonds or gold. Keep it simple with a classic silhouette in neutral black, which will pull the room together visually while still being low-key.


Get the look: Rejuvenation Berkshire Six-Arm Chandelier with Linen Shades, $589

Bedroom Chandelier Idea #5: Vintage

Head to a local thrift store or estate sale to hunt for well-priced antique chandeliers: They're often discarded when old houses are remodeled, then re-sold for pennies. Plus, they work well in just about any style bedroom — as seen here in this design by Meredith from Meredith Deanne Lifestyle — from rustic/farmhouse to clean-lined and modern. (Alternatively, source a brand-new chandelier that's made to look old.)


Get the look: Pottery Barn Lucca Chandelier, $599

Bedroom Chandelier Idea #6: Textural

A textural chandelier — detailed with feathers or fringe or dozens of hand-cut shells, as in the West Elm design shown here — adds a little softness and romance — just the note you want to strike in the bedroom.


Get the look: West Elm Capiz Round Chandelier, $399

Bedroom Chandelier Idea #7: Angular

An angular, asymmetrical chandelier adds a bit of geometric intrigue to a bedroom that's otherwise all soft linens and pillows. We like the way this off-center brass one balances out an earthy-colored bedroom.


Get the look: AllModern Cedillo Six-Light Chandelier, $374.10

Bedroom Chandelier Idea #8: Rustic

Or, bring your bedroom back down to earth with a rustic-style chandelier or pendant light (think raw wood, iron, and other natural materials). It'll make your room so cozy, you won't want to leave.

Get the look: Shades of Light Loft Shade Chandelier, $435


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