You're in Luck! This One-Stop Shop Full of Bedroom Lighting Ideas Is Open for Business

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We all know that the main purpose of our bedrooms is for sleeping. This translates to dark, blackout shades, setting the Night Shift on our iPhones and other devices to dim by a certain time, and generally trying to keep as much light out as possible. But then there are those times when you're not sleeping, when you want to settle in with a good book or cozy up with a bowl of popcorn and a Netflix queue full of your favorites. That's when bedroom lighting ideas come into play.

There are some things to consider when setting out to discover the perfect lighting for your sleeping quarters. First of all, you'll need to look at all of the different types of fixtures that are available — from floor lamps to table lamps and even chandeliers — and choose one or more that provide proper illumination and reflect the style of your bedroom.


Speaking of bedroom styles, seek out bedroom lighting ideas that reinforce the overall design theme. For instance, if your bedroom is breezy and boho, a farmhouse-style lantern might feel a little too traditional. You can always find lighting that'll fit your space flawlessly. After making these considerations, it's time to get your retail therapy on and pick out some dreamy fixtures for your boudoir.

Here are our tips to help you through the process, along with a little inspo and some of our fave retailers when you're ready to shop.

Different Types of Bedroom Light Fixtures

First things first, you'll need to take a peek at all of the different types of fixtures that are out there. Table lamps, set upon nightstands and dressers, tend to be a standard in most bedrooms. A floor lamp is just the thing you need for a reading nook or upholstered chair setup in the corner. If space is an issue, wall sconces are pretty amazing in a small bedroom. You can mount them right to the wall (on either side of the bed à la Kristi Murphy in this black bedchamber). This means that you can skip lighting that might take up space, like a table lamp or floor lamp.

Remember that you can always take your bedroom lighting ideas to the ceiling. Flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, or even ceiling fans outfitted with light fixtures won't be at odds with the rest of your decor since they're so simple, and they're good choices if you have low ceilings.

But perhaps you want to punch up the style in your bedroom a bit. In that case, look to pendant lights and chandeliers, which hang lower and suit those with high ceilings. With the dizzying amounts of colors, shapes, and silhouettes available today, you're guaranteed to score major style points if you choose one of these fixtures for your bedroom.

Different Styles of Bedroom Lighting

If you want to really narrow things down, look to the styling of your space. Every popular bedroom style has a fixture that'll blend in seamlessly with the rest of your decor. Bohemian bedrooms call for lighting in natural or flowy materials, like Golden Girls-approved rattan or hippie-esque tassels. Farmhouse spaces that would make Joanna Gaines proud are perfected by lighting that encapsulates the style: Look for well-worn, paint-chipped woods, metal lanterns, or flea market finds.


Midcentury modern bedrooms are made complete with the right lighting. Ever since the 1940's, midcentury lighting has remained virtually unchanged and still looks cool. For your space, think globe-shaped wall sconces, Sputnik chandeliers, or geometric silhouettes. Modern bedrooms, just a short jump over from midcentury design, look best with futuristic lighting featuring linear details. In a bedroom belonging to Erin of Apartment34, a geometric pendant showcasing gold lines is the epitome of this aesthetic. Contemporary sleeping quarters, which are oh-so-on-trend, tend to showcase curvy silhouettes and offbeat materials like cement, black metal, and matte ceramic.

Where to Shop for Bedroom Lighting Ideas:

Once you've landed on a few bedroom lighting ideas that meet your needs, it's time to go shopping. You can always search for these fixtures in person, but we recommend heading to the web for options that are truly unique and not often stocked in brick-and-mortar stores. These are our top retailer picks when it comes to lighting.

Also, remember that you don't need to plunk down your life savings to purchase bedroom lighting. Jenny of Juniper Home turned to World Market to track down these chic, reasonably-priced wall sconces.

Cedar & Moss

Give us a minute or two (or perhaps a few hours) to sing the many praises of Cedar & Moss. This designer darling has lighting that matches up with a variety of different bedroom styles. The globe-shaped wall sconces are made for midcentury bedrooms, while the white ceramic pendant lights partner up brilliantly with contemporary spaces, to name just a couple examples.

West Elm

For light fixtures that are at the pinnacle of modern cool (and won't break the bank), look no further than West Elm. This is your one-stop shop for all types of fixtures, including pendants, floor lamps, flush mounts, sconces, and more.


Rejuvenation is a seemingly-endless treasure trove of lighting that runs the gamut from classic to contemporary, but we especially dig their bedroom ceiling lighting options. There are so many great choices here, and the price points won't hurt your bottom line if you're keeping a budget in mind.