11 Nightstand Pairs for Under $500 Because Bedside Tables Shouldn't Cost So Much

opalhouse nightstand
credit: Target

Here's one of decor's greatest unsolved mysteries: WHY ARE NIGHTSTANDS SO EXPENSIVE??? And most of the time, when you find one you like, you're like, oh wait that's not the price because I have to buy two?! The world is unfair. And even we will admit: Dropping $500 in one go isn't some easy thing. But in the world of bedside tables, $500 is a bargain. So, we finally found some nightstands for under $500 (for two) that we would actually buy:

That wrapped detail on the handle is just the right touch to make this seem like something you spent hours searching on Etsy for.

white side table
credit: Joss & Main

Craving some Scandinavian minimalism? This double-tiered night table is the answer.

article nightstand
credit: Article

A white casing makes this Article nightstand feel more contemporary than retro.

pb teen nightstand
credit: PB Teen

Here's a small space solution when you've got minimal surface area around your bed: this PB Teen (hey, don't knock it 'til ya try it) leaning nightstand.

cb2 nightstand
credit: CB2

Bring some industrial vibes into your bedchamber with this welded number.

home depot nightsand
credit: Home Depot

Ready for the world's best kept decor secret? Home Depot has some amazing finds. Case in point: this nightstand which kinda looks like it came out of a midcentury-esque startup.

ikea nightstand
credit: Ikea

Yes, this might be an item from Ikea's kids' collection, but it could have huge potential as a pop accent in a minimalist bedroom.

blue nightstand
credit: Joss & Main

Ordinarily, we'd say this style isn't really our thing, but there's something about that traditional base, covered in just the right blue paint, that has us second guessing.

opalhouse bedside table
credit: Target

Target's Opalhouse line wins again with a bedside table that looks high-design.

gold and marble side table
credit: World Market

We'd usually say that bedside tables absolutely need storage. But we are also not you, and maybe a tabletop suits you fine. If so, this is real pretty.

We're loving the natural-meets-industrial vibe going on here.

blue bedside table
credit: Target

Yes, this midcentury-inspired nightstand looks like A LOT of models on the market. But that deep blue hue and gold details make it unmissable.

Leonora Epstein

Leonora Epstein

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