12 Nightstand Pairs for Under $500 Because Bedside Tables Shouldn't Cost So Much

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Here's one of decor's greatest unsolved mysteries: Why are nightstands so expensive??? And most of the time, when you find one you like, you're like, oh wait that's not the price because I have to buy two?! The world is unfair. And even we will admit: Dropping $500 in one go isn't some easy thing. But in the world of bedside tables, $500 is a bargain. So, we finally found some nightstands for under $500 (for two) that we would actually buy:


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1. Anthropologie Alves Nightstand, $198 ($396 pair)

Hello, modern, minimal bedroom! Pair this golden beauty with your colorful decor because this fun little piece will fit in with anything!


2. Walker Edison Oliva Modern 2-drawer Nightstand, $117.99 ($235.98 pair)

A simple geometric design is ideal for when you want a no-fuss modern aesthetic. Imagine how good it will look with a couple of colorful paperbacks lying on top of it.


3. Article Envelo Nightstand, $249 ($498 pair)

A white casing makes this Article nightstand feel more contemporary than retro.


4. Prepac Espresso Nightstand, $102.08 ($204.16 pair)

A deep espresso for your moody, mid-century modern bedroom. Jazz it up with some bright pops of color or keep the whole look subdued and sensual.


5. Nathan James Harper Mid-Century Oak Wood Nightstand, $149.99 ($299.98 pair)

Bring the eco-chic indoors. With natural-looking wood and sturdy legs, you can easily keep your plants close every single night.


6. American Trails Solid Oak Nightstand, $96.29 ($192.58 pair)

Ready for the world's best kept decor secret? Home Depot has some amazing finds. Case in point: this nightstand kinda looks like it came out of a midcentury-esque startup.


7. Ikea Busunge Chest, $139 ($278 pair)

Yes, this might be an item from Ikea's kids' collection, but it could have huge potential as a pop accent in a minimalist bedroom.


8. Prepac Salt Spring Drifted Gray Pine Nightstand, $87.38

The rustic look is trending, so embrace it with this dusty wood nightstand. With the slightly used feel, your bedroom will bring back all the nostalgia vibes.


9. Opalhouse Geometric Front Nightstand, $160 ($320 pair)

Target's Opalhouse line wins again with a bedside table that looks high-design.


10. World Market Marble and Gold Side Table, $149.99 ($299.98 pair)

We'd usually say that bedside tables absolutely need storage. But we are also not you, and maybe a tabletop suits you fine. If so, this is real pretty.

11. Nathan James Hayes Solid Wood Nightstand, $125.10 ($250.20 pair)

Gone are the days of the two-drawer nightstand. This modern piece is sure to 'wow' and is ideal if you want to show off your glamourous bedroom decor.

12. Safavieh Lyla Nightstand, $175.99 ($351.98 pair)

Yes, this midcentury-inspired nightstand looks like A LOT of models on the market. But that deep blue hue and gold details make it unmissable.


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