Why We're Obsessed With Article — And You Should Be, Too

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Article is one of those furniture companies that's always in our mental rolodex whenever we have the thought, Maybe it's time for a new couch ... or bed ... or ...

Why? Fair prices and design that's simple but classy — when we're looking for something slightly standard (but not boring), they usually have a product or two that quickly goes on our bookmark list. And like we said, Article's prices are pretty dang great. And here's the proof:

Sven Sofa, $2,199

Daisy Chair, $159

Fetch Oak Side Table, $199

Culla Spindle Walnut King Bed, $1,099

Ansa Bench, $549

Beacon Floor Lamp, $69

Lucca Pillow Set, $99

Kitts Sofa, $1,599

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