Make a Minimalist Bedroom Even More Relaxing With Double-Duty Furniture

As far as we're concerned, you can't go wrong with a simple bedroom. The pared-back style is perfect for unraveling stress after a long day, and making this haven what it really should be: a place to exhale. And this gorgeous example by The Design Chaser shows that a minimalist bedroom has maximum style potential. For starters, the simple headboard is perfectly in step with 2017's all-black-everything interior leanings, while white linens balance that hue's hard edge with cloud-like airiness. Gold-and-white lamps on either side bring in a hint of color, while the front-runner of this view β€” that industrial, geometric bench β€” gives the area some much-needed texture. When going for this type of look, be sure to seek out ways to combine form with function. This bench not only works as extra seating, but it also comes off as a piece of art. In other words, it's double-duty furniture at its best.

Create a minimal oasis with these items.

Black and brass floor lamp
credit: Urban Couture
Stack of white folded sheets
credit: Urban Couture