12 Quirky Lamps Under $300 That Will Brighten Up Your Home

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If you want to liven up your home and add some sparkle to your life, we have a "bright" idea for you: add a few quirky lamps. Whether your bedroom is looking a little bland or your living room is in need of some excitement, a funky lamp can do wonders for your home's atmosphere and overall aesthetic. However, breaking the mold without breaking the bank is key — these beautifully quirky lamps all come with a price tag of under $300.


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1. Harbaugh Resin Giraffe Table Lamp, $98.99

This shiny gold giraffe lamp can easily serve as the focal point in any room. Don't be surprised if it turns some heads (and necks).


2. Tilton Table Lamp, $115.99

Fair warning: It'll be hard not to fall in love with the polished copper, wood base, and sweet design.


3. Wadlington Overhang Task Floor Lamp, $106.99

Crafted from real wood, the design of the frame is modeled after tree branches and is perfect for nature lovers. If you're aiming for a warm, rustic look in your home, make sure to add this lamp to the collection.


4. HROOME Modern Contemporary Floor Lamp, $148.88

You'll always be in good company with this unique, adjustable floor lamp. We love that you can have fun with putting it in different poses, too.


5. 3R Studios Table Lamp, $143.99

What's blue and yellow and starry all over?


6. Bicoca Table Lamp, $210

Marset & Christophe Mathieu put a colorfully modern twist on a classic lamp design.


7. Surya Table Lamp, $197.40

A design that gives off retro and modern vibes at the same time? Say no more.


8. Urban Outfitters Leopard Table Lamp, $99

If you want something truly unique, look no further. This gorgeous lamp brings a boldly cool energy to your space.

9. Avion Marine Signal Tripod Floor Lamp, $187.88

Step back in time with this beautiful tripod floor lamp modeled after nautical searchlights from the mid-20th century.

10. Spotlight Shelf Lamp, $120

Minimalist, playful, and functional, this lamp doubles as a magnetic shelf for items you want to put the spotlight on.

11. Dipping Light, starting at $295

We've written about the Dipping Light before, but it's so cool we think deserves another mention. It gets its name from the fact that the light is dipped in paint to create the different shades of bright colors. (Bonus points for looking amazing on Instagram.)

12. Lumio Book Lamp, $200

You don't have to be a bookworm to love the Lumio Book Lamp. It's a unique decorative item that looks great whether it's turned on or not.