Spoiler Alert: These Chic Neutral Bedroom Ideas Aren't Just for the Color Averse

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When it comes to our wardrobe, shades like black, white, and gray reign supreme because they always look luxurious and literally work with everything (hello, colorful shoes we haven't worn in forever). What design insiders know is that the same could be said about chic neutral bedroom ideas — a backsplash of classic hues is basically begging for pops of color and rich texture. And, dare we say, these spaces can be easily updated when you want to try something new_._


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Therefore, we consider it our personal duty to introduce you to our favorite neutral bedroom ideas we currently have pinned for inspo. Prepare yourself: You'll never think of this color palette the same way again.

1. Play a Little

The Brooklyn design duo at Chango & Co. is at it again with this chic neutral bedroom, and let us tell you: it's one for the books. Creams and whites are splashed over the walls, curtains, bedding, matching side tables, and an anchoring rug. But the real show-stopping pieces are the (very) carefully placed pops of color: Missoni-esque patterned throw pillows, matching geometric artwork, and fresh blooms. Pro tip: Always add one fewer colored piece than you think is necessary to a neutral space.


2. Get the Blues

Equal parts nautical and bohemian, this blue, cream, and black-and-white design from Studio McGee makes a serious statement. Balance clean lines such as striped details, color-blocked walls, and a wrought-iron canopy bed with more whimsical patterns in the form of Moroccan prints and color-dipped details. The takeaway: You can add more depth to your color palette when you stick to a few key hues and carry them throughout the room.


3. Go Au Naturale

When in doubt, go back to basics and channel the environment (greenery and all). That's right: Mix hardwood floors and wooden pieces to create the perfect bedroom backdrop. Then, make like New York-based Dichotomy Interiors and call on organic woven materials like jute and rope to add woodsy flair. Sticking to earthy hues like moss green, brown, and blue channels a natural calm, especially with moody lighting.


4. Let There Be Light

Natural light adds charm to any room, and this elegant pink, green, and white space from the experts at Jaclyn Peters Design is no exception. The trick to styling a smaller space in neutral hues is to revolve the design around one key item — in this case, the gorgeous velvet bed frame in a dreamy shade of emerald. Oh, and did we mention that a combo made up of clerestory windows and a sliding door instantly opens up square footage?


5. Try a New Take on Texture

When it comes to a more muted color story, let texture be your best friend. That's exactly what Anna Moumtzidou of This Place I Call Home did when she renovated her own bedroom, aiming to channel what she dubbed "a calm cocoon feel." And that it is, complete with a plush rug, tassel throw, woven baskets and wreaths, plus a sculptural pendant light to take the deep-gray walls, blue drapes, brown undertones, and white bedding from basic to beyond.


6. Veer Eclectic

Sometimes, there is a little order in disorder, which is certainly the case in this memorable neutral bedroom idea from Amber Lewis. When decorating for a simple color palette, not everything has to be matchy-matchy. Rely on two solid pieces to really amp up the look — here, it's the moody painting over the bed and the upholstered headboard's stunning striped fabric. (P.S. This house is one of our favorites and we already raved about its gorgeous white bathroom.)


7. Find Artistic Flair

Injecting your personal design aesthetic lies beyond just hanging a favorite work of art or two on the wall (although it helps). It's all about incorporating personality with pieces that resonate with you and adding them in interesting ways. Here, Emily Henderson strategically perched greenery to frame the bed — it's a trick of the eye considering the branch appears to be coming from outside the window. A geometric cobalt rug also takes on new meaning, picking up the color of the lampshade and pillows. Lesson: Rethink the type of "art" you use to amp up a neutral space.


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