13 Cute Beds Under $1,000

Beds are kind of like sofas in that once you decide it's time for a nice one, you realize: Holy crap, these things are hella expensive. Like, there-goes-your-rent expensive. The good news is that a middle ground of stylish, not-too-pricey beds exists — it just requires a bit of digging to find them. Here, some fantastic beds under $1,000 ( prices listed are all for queen-sized beds ). Just remember that you may still need to shell out for shipping or assembly fees.

Affordable pieces with cane details are hard to come by! We've been on the lookout for ages for an affordable bed with a caned headboard, and it's literally like Urban Outfitters answered our prayers.

Ever since we saw Mandy Moore put a forest green bed in her new home, we're obsessed with the idea. One Kings Lane's linen-covered bed is a sweet, budget-friendly option.

floyd bed
credit: Floyd Detroit

We keep close tabs on Floyd, a Detroit-based startup that's really innovating in easily shippable and affordable modern furniture. Shipping is free (yes, free) to 48 states, and if you live in NYC, you can take advantage of Floyd's free, same-day delivery offer.

cb2 brass bed
credit: CB2

Ordinarily, when we think "bronze bed," we think of something overly ornate you'd find in a bed and breakfast trying to make a Louis XIV theme work. But this collab between CB2 and Barcelona-based Mermelada Estudio gets bronze just right thanks to clean, simple lines.

The blue linen covering this modern bed feels almost like a chambray, which will add just the type of classy-meets-casual touch your bedroom is missing.

west elm bed
credit: West Elm

West Elm's Rhyan bed feels like a blank canvas. Thanks to white paneling and discreet, light bronze legs, there are a million different ways you can style this piece.

joybird wood bed
credit: Joybird

While we love Joybird's Fenton bed for its warm, classic feel, we almost like it more for its name. FENTONNNN!!!

nate berkus target bed
credit: Target

This Nate Berkus for Target bed feels hotel-worthy and comes in a variety of colors. (Although we're definitely digging this not-too-girly pink.)

article wood bed
credit: Article

Article is another startup worth knowing. With real attention to craftsmanship, this midcentury-inspired oak bed is the type of heirloom piece you keep around for ages. ( Oh, and shipping is only $49, so there's that, too. )

blue headboard bed
credit: All Modern

Hold up: How is this bed only $204? Run!

First came confusion with Urban's Morris bed — shouldn't the pillows go the other way? Then came acceptance.

pier 1 rattan bed
credit: Pier 1

Praise hands emojis to Pier 1 for also jumping on affordable rattan pieces!

cb2 bed
credit: CB2

CB2's Andes bed is actually a money-saver — no need to buy nightstands thanks to a headboard with built-in shelving.

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Leonora Epstein

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