8 Ways to Bring the Industrial Farmhouse Look Into Your Abode

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While farmhouse decor had many of us in a frenzy for the past few years, it may be time to shake things up a little. And one way to stir the pot is to incorporate an industrial farmhouse look in your space. Think rustic comfort with an edge. You'll combine comfy informal vibes with darker tones, unfinished surfaces, and raw metals.

Here are some big, and small, ways to embrace the industrial farmhouse look and bring a city feel to your farm appeal.

1. Incorporate multiple tones.

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When choosing paint colors, instead of going all white and airy, consider darker tones and maybe even play with texture on the walls like this studio does. Reclaimed wood panels in fun patterns will work, too.

2. Go edgy with the lighting.

Image Credit: Rickett & Sones for Hunker

When choosing light fixtures for your industrial farmhouse aesthetic, consider using exposed filament bulbs and metal lamps for an edgy look. To keep things feeling relaxed, go for informal wall art and a few dried florals or greenery.

3. Un-expose your brick.

Image Credit: Stephen Paul for Hunker

We often associate exposed brick with industrial lofts, but consider painting over it with white or another neutral shade instead. The dark metal fireplace and white brick hearth in this room create the perfect industrial farmhouse pairing.

4. Add panels above and concrete below.

Image Credit: Stephen Paul for Hunker

This low-key living room in Los Angeles, California, looks casually cozy, but the paneled ceiling and modern stairs lean industrial farmhouse. Peep the vintage-style high back chairs and concrete floors, too. They prove that the perfect spaces have a balance between old and new.

5. Let your fixtures stand out.

Image Credit: Sanford Creative for Hunker

To incorporate a little bit of the industrial farmhouse feel in a simple bathroom, switch out your fixtures. Take a look at how this all-white washroom gets a glow-up with brass faucets.

6. Keep things open.

Image Credit: Peter Schweitzer for Hunker

If you're living the loft life, but you want to make it farmhouse, choose rustic decor to fill your space. We're loving the simple metal pendants above the dining table, the wide plank floors, and bright walls in this space.

7. Take the style outside.

Image Credit: Describe the Fauna for Hunker

Bring the industrial farmhouse look to your backyard. You can keep the outside space relatively simple with a large farmhouse table, metal stools, and a wood bench. And this look is even more special because of the pergola. It's ready for all those summer dinners under the stars.

8. Try some textiles and texture.

Image Credit: Chloe Berk for Hunker

Some people might think the industrial look is more cold than cozy, but a few farmhouse touches will warm things up. The exposed brick, barn door, and patterned blanket in this bedroom add the perfect amount of texture.

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