5 Ways to Add Industrial Lighting to Your Dining Room (No Loft Space Needed)

sputnik chandelier
credit: AllModern

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When the phrase "industrial dining room" comes up, there are a few key words that immediately come to mind: steel, concrete, exposed (just to name a few). Luckily, these days, you don't need to be the lucky owner of a massively oversize loft to reap the benefits of an industrial-style room.

In fact, to channel an industrial vibe in your dining room, all you need to do is direct your attention to the lighting. Unfinished yet refined, an industrial lighting fixture is all about clean lines, exposed elements, and minimalist materials. (Think concrete, plain colors, exposed wires, and hammered metals.) From there, you can pop in a strong and rugged dining table, wire metal chairs, plus simple decor and you've got yourself a full-blown industrial dining space.

To help you achieve the look, we rounded up five of our favorite industrial lighting styles.

Unfinished Fixtures

allmodern industrial dining room
credit: AllModern

Whether it's exposed bulbs or dangling cords, nothing says industrial quite like a literally unfinished fixture. Of course, it'll be fully safe and operational, and it'll give off an urban and old-school vibe.

Sputnik Chandelier

sputnik chandelier
credit: AllModern

Tubular, right? These Edison bulb-adorned chandeliers are more than just eye-catching. They'll add an unparalleled amount of energy and light to your dining room and require you to add only minor decor additions to complete the look. (It's also known as a mobile chandelier, but we'll take every excuse to use the word "sputnik" that we can.)

Hammered Steel

Steel, metal, hammered — there are few words that channel the industrial vibe more than these. An oversize metal pendant above your table can be somewhat reminiscent of a factory, so to keep it from being overpowering, we like to look out for those with hammered detailing to give it a bit of a stylized look. Adding fresh plants and greenery is also never a bad idea.

Metal Globe

metal industrial globe lighting
credit: Amazon

Since this style of fixture can also be used in a farmhouse style dining room, it's important to pay attention to the materials. A Chip and Joanna-approved fixture will feature unfinished and textured wood, while an industrial version should stick to steel and metal.


Lumens Home
credit: Lumens

Speaking of the importance of materials, if you want to go big, go concrete. It's solid, simple, and straight to the point — not to mention, it's the perfect neutral color to match the rest of the room. If you want to add a little extra flair, look for fixtures that feature wood paired with concrete or mixed metal chains to give it a pop.

Katie Maguire

Katie Maguire

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