How to Attach Metal to Concrete Without Screws or Glue

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Concrete anchor bolts work best to attach metal to concrete.

Steel can be attached to concrete without screws or glue by using concrete anchors and bolts. Alternatively, you could cast the concrete with the metal embedded in the concrete. This is not the best approach because the metal will rust when embedded in concrete. In this case there would be no way of removing it after it had rusted and broken down.


Step 1

Drill the metal where you want to anchor it to the concrete. Use a steel drill bit the size of the bolt for the concrete anchors you are using.

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Step 2

Hold the steel in the position that you want to attach it to the concrete. Mark the inside of the holes where the anchors will be placed.


Step 3

Attach a concrete drill bit into a hammer drill. Use a concrete drill bit the size of the concrete anchor. Place a piece of painter's tape on the drill bit to indicate the depth of the concrete anchor, the thickness of the metal and an additional 3/8 inch.

Step 4

Drill a straight hole at each of the anchor locations to the depth of the painter's tape. Clean out the hole of concrete dust using a shop vacuum or a can of compressed air.


Step 5

Tap the concrete anchor into the holes after checking that the concrete anchors are installed in the right direction. Make sure that the top of the concrete anchor is even with the concrete.

Step 6

Attach the metal to the concrete anchors with bolts and lock washers. Tighten the bolts using a socket wrench.



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