Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas and Inspiration

A wood dining room set with blue cushioned chairs and a wood sideboard
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You do a lot more than dine in a dining room. It's a place where you hang with guests. Tackle DIY projects or homework. Catch up on some light reading with a cup of coffee. Or enjoy a late-night date with your partner.

And since it's a hub of activity and memory-making, you should absolutely use this central space as on opportunity to show off your design style and personality. Apart from the table and chairs, you can do this with the help of dining room wall decor.


From paint to wallpaper, artwork to shelving, here's our ultimate guide to dining room wall decor ideas to help make your space feel special and unique.

Dining Room Wall Decor: Paint

A white kitchen with white-black cabinets and a dining room with wood floors
Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

The wonderful thing about painting a dining room is that you pretty much can't go wrong with your color choice. You can definitely opt for the same wall color that you've chosen for the rest of your home (or a timeless neutral like white or beige), however, since this space tends to be a bit smaller it can also be the perfect opportunity to take a risk. What about black? Or a saturated green or blue? Or even an on-trend shade, like terra cotta or blush pink? If you're not ready to take the plunge and paint your entire dining room, an accent wall is always an option.

Dining Room Wall Decor: Wallpaper

Just like paint, you can also take a style risk with the wallpaper in your dining room. Disregard the old rule that a busy print can't live in small spaces — we think that it can. Patterned wallpaper can take your space to the next level, since whatever colors and prints you choose will act as a reflection of your home's vibe and your personality. If you're feeling hesitant, focus your efforts on one wall to make it look like a mural. Or, place it above wainscoting for an unexpected pop. Keep in mind that wallpaper is also a great way to delineate an open floor plan.

Dining Room Wall Decor: Art

Dining room with a wood dining table, snake plant, wicker pendant light and art
Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Whether your space is grand or diminutive, you'll have to gather up dining room wall decor ideas that are proportionate. When considering artwork, try to stay away from large-scale pieces that might overtake the wall. Instead, consider a gallery wall of smaller pieces or one statement piece. And since this is a room where you can take some risks, don't be afraid of color and dramatic details.


Dining Room Wall Decor: Bonus Ideas

A wood dining room set with blue cushioned chairs and a wood sideboard

When it comes to dining room ideas, you're not limited to paint, wallpaper, and art. There are additional touches you maybe haven't considered yet. For example, shelving can offer some much-needed storage along with a place to display treasured tchotchkes and artwork. Wainscoting can be a classic way to frame the room and add decorative flair. Plus, if you paint it a different color than the rest of the wall or flank it with wallpaper, the wainscoting will look a lot more modern. Lastly, if you feel that all-over wallpaper or paint doesn't quite feel right in your scaled-down space, you can always consider an accent wall. It will punctuate your aesthetics without overwhelming them, while adding just enough stylish flair.

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