PSA: These 9 Bold Wallpaper Prints Are Interior Designer-Approved

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Few design choices can impact a space as much as wallpaper. That said, selecting a bold print can be intimidating, which is why we turned to interior designers Emily Henderson of Emily Henderson Design, Kerry Vasquez of Kerry Vasquez Design, Meghan Hackett-Cassidy and Erin Hackett of Hackett Interiors, Stefani Stein of her eponymous studio, Kirsten Grove of We Three Design, Dale Blumberg of Dale Blumberg Interiors, and Caroline Grant and Dolores Suarez of Dekar Design for their expert-endorsed recommendations.


After consulting the pros, one thing is clear: Interior designers love using eye-catching wallpaper to completely transform a space. "I've installed wallpaper in dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and even on ceilings," Vasquez tells Hunker. "Every time I've gone bold with wallpaper, it always ends up being my favorite space in the house," she says. "I give you all permission to get as bold as you possibly can. Go wild." Well, don't mind if we do. Keep scrolling to see and shop bold interior designer-approved wallpaper prints for nearly every space in your home.

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If You Want to Add Charm to a Nursery ...

Follow Emily Henderson's lead and opt for pink-and-white wallpaper with a hua tree motif. "This stunning wallpaper works because it's the moment in the room," Henderson explains. "Everything else in the room is a 'supporting actor' that's there to help the wallpaper shine instead of competing with it. Every room should really only ever have one true star."


Get the Look: Walnut Wallpaper Hua Trees Mural, starting at $245 per roll

If You Want to Lend Personality to a Powder Room ...

Go for a striking print in a small space, encourages Kerry Vasquez. A powder room tends to be a space "that guests frequent, so you get to show off how bold you are to all your friends and create a unique and fun experience within your home," offers the interior designer. "Plus, it being a smaller space that you don't necessarily see every day, you don't have to worry about getting sick of the look."


Get the Look: Jungalow Eucalif Wallpaper in Teal by Justina Blakeney, starting at $150 per roll


Meghan Hackett-Cassidy and Erin Hackett also love adding personality to a powder room with patterned wallpaper, as evidenced by this space. "Without using too much color, we were able to add a lot of pattern and texture and make a huge impact on the space," the designers share. "We also went with a cool light fixture and a simple lacquered black mirror."


Get the Look: Thibaut Piedmont Wallpaper, prices vary depending on stockists

If You Want to Punch Up a Home Office ...

Elect for a print that offers a bold backdrop for the space, as Stefani Stein did here. "When I designed Shay Mitchell's office, she wanted it to feel feminine, but also reflective of her love of travel," the designer reveals. "The large-scale floral print lends a touch of modern femininity and just the right amount of drama to the space."


Get the Look: August Abode Peony Garden Wallpaper Mural, starting at $9 per sample

Dale Blumberg also advocates for incorporating a daring wallpaper print into a home office. In this space, she opted for a stimulating, bold and feminine, but not precious, print. "It works because it acts as a background to the solids in the room: the neutral desk and magenta chairs," the interior designer tells Hunker.



Get the Look: Romo Camille Phlox, prices vary depending on stockists

If You Want to Make a Statement in a Living Room ...

For a clean and fresh backdrop, opt for modern, neutral wallpaper that still has a bold print, offers Stein. Neutrals are a classic and earthy tones also pair well with unique, sculptural pieces, as exemplified by the living room pictured here. "The geometrics in this wallpaper [are] perfect for a statement wall in any room," she assures.


Get the Look: August Abode Modern Stone Wallpaper in Ecru, starting at $6 per sample

If You Want to Fill a Dining Room With Texture ...

"Large floral prints can be the perfect option to fill a room with style and texture," interior designer Kirsten Grove says. "We used it in this traditional dining room to give it a beautiful backdrop for furniture and art," she adds. "If you're afraid to fill an entire room with one pattern, consider only wallpapering one wall to create a statement wall."


Get the Look: Ellie Cashman Design Dark Floral Wallpaper, starting at $90 per panel


If You Want to Make a Vanity Stand Out ...

Adding bold wallpaper to a surprising place, like behind a vanity, is a great way to embrace pattern and color, designers Caroline Grant and Dolores Suarez point out. "Since people don't spend a lot of time there, you can go really maximalist with the design, unlike in your master bedroom or dining room, which you might want to keep more calm," the designers explain.


Get the Look: Wayne Pate + Studio Four NYC Trois Blooms, starting at $67.50

If You Want to Make a Laundry Room Exciting ...

Select a print that complements large appliances to "camouflage" them so that they feel more like accessories than machines, offers Justina Blakeney. In this space, "the dark background of the wallpaper paired with the pops of orange tie the colors of the design together, creating a cohesive and bold look that will make even the most tedious of chores feel fun and adventurous."

Get the Look: Jungalow Tigris Wallpaper in Onyx by Justina Blakeney, starting at $130 per roll



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