8 Designer-Approved Ways to Fill the Wall Above a Sofa

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Let's state the obvious: the most common place to position a sofa in a room is right against a wall. And it's easy to see why this placement is sensible, of course. It maximizes the square footage of most layouts, and makes viewing entertainment on an opposing wall easy. Nevertheless, there is a downside to this arrangement. Despite the extra legroom and added efficiency, there's still a blank canvas above the sofa that needs to be addressed. What exactly should go there? To solve this decor problem, here are a few designer-approved ways to fill that space.


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Hang a Single Large Artwork

This classic solution is also the easiest. Hang over-scaled art above a low-slung couch — preferably in contrasting tones — for a balanced, dramatic look. This choice from Wayfair would look great above a camel-colored sofa.


Double Up on Smaller-Sized Art

Can't pick just one canvas to pair with your sofa? Hang two works side-by-side to take up the same amount of space as a larger piece, like a pair of this minimal print from Etsy.


Fill in the Wall With Sculptures

A plaster sculpture, such as this faux animal head from Etsy, adds a quirky touch over a sofa. Plus, its white finish contrasts nicely with a feature like exposed brick or dark accent paint.


Try an Abstract Metal Sculpture

Inspired by the metal wall sculptures by Curtis Jere, Target's midcentury metal feature is a little more affordable than genuine vintage pieces. You can pair the wall sculpture with vintage sconces, or display it on its own.


Bring in Function With Shelves

If you're short on space, take advantage of the empty wall by hanging shelves. Sure, you could do the standard floating shelf, but the monkey brackets on this West Elm creation add so much personality.


Get Creative With Baskets

Channel boho style with a free-spirited grouping of vintage baskets, like these choices from Etsy. They're a great pick for renters, since most baskets are light enough to "install" using a thumbtack or two. Group different sizes and patterns in the same color family for a pulled-together look.


Opt for a Wall Hanging

Macrame is no longer a punchline to a '70s-era joke. This trend is back in a huge way, and takes a surprisingly modern turn with unusual patterns and textures. This offering by CB2 is an intriguing mix of neutral hues that comes off bold despite its shades.

Make It Bright With a Mirror

A large mirror helps reflect light in a room, making it feel brighter. Choose a mirror with a sleek silhouette for a more contemporary look, like this design from Urban Outfitters.