15 Restaurants With Inspo-worthy Wallpaper You’ll Want to Steal for Your Home

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Home inspo can come from any number of places. Lately, we've noticed a tempting new trend: Drool-worthy wallpaper at restaurants from San Francisco to Sydney. On the menu? Whimsical patterns, fun florals, and geometric shapes. Hungry for more? Feast your eyes on these 15 well-designed eateries with wallpaper you'll want to steal for your dwelling.

1. Fiorella (San Francisco, California)

Fiorella has established itself as more than just a dining destination. Inviting ambiance extends from the antipasti and wood-fired pizzas to the walls — covered in a toile that features local Bay Area celebs such as Alice Waters and Joe Montana. And bonus: You can buy some of this San Francisco-inspired motif to cover the walls in your cool Cali digs from Flavor Paper.

2. Winsome (Los Angeles, California)

The back corner of Winsome is a popular spot for savoring house-made pastries and snapping pics. And it's easy to see why. It's clad in custom wallpaper — a reproduction of California watercolor artist Phil Dike's 1938 painting Sunshine in Echo Park.

3. Finca (Salt Lake City, Utah)

The dark, moody vibe of the Spanish-inspired restaurant Finca is all thanks to the design savvy of City Home Collective. And when a restaurant's name literally "means rural or agricultural estate" in Spanish it makes perfect sense that the design team would select such a dramatic, large-scale floral wallpaper to grace its walls. Give your dining room or powder room a bold makeover with the same print from Ellie Cashman.

4. Leo’s Oyster Bar (San Francisco, California)

The vibe at Ken Fulk-decorated Leo's Oyster Bar is best described as tropical meets 1950s glamour. Bespoke palm print wallpaper sets the stage for mahogany paneling, rattan furnishings, vintage seashell sconces, and lots of greenery.

5. Hotel Providence (Paris, France)

In addition to being a hotel, Hotel Providence is also a Parisian eatery that exudes glamour with its rich wood finishes, gold velvet upholstery, antique lighting, and romantic floral wallpaper. And while Paris is always a good idea, you don't need to jump on a plane to enjoy this flowery goodness from the House of Hackney — just transform your breakfast nook into a lovely French cafe perfect for indulging in pain au chocolat.

6. The Butler (Sydney, Australia)

Australia is a bastion of enviable aesthetics. And The Butler in Sydney is certainly no exception. Walls climbing with verdant botanicals are complemented by natural elements such as light wood and potted bamboo. The design team at Luchetti Krelle worked with Kingdom Home to develop this custom tree-lined wallpaper that was "inspired by the French indie botanical theme."

7. PNY Marais (Paris, France)

Don't let the fact that it's a chain restaurant fool you: PNY Marais delivers tasty burgers and transportive design. The space cues Miami with turquoise and sunset pink lacquered steel frames. Terrazzo flooring, neon lights, and exposed concrete also up the appeal. But, if you ask us, the standout feature is definitely the walls — in all their abstract gradient glory.

8. The Nelson (St. Kilda, Australia)

The Nelson reflects its scenic seaside setting with soothing hues and maritime touches. Walls swathed in textured wallpaper with a hand-painted mural of a mythical sea creature also known as 'The Kracken' are paired with white-washed timbers, timeworn wood, and well-loved leather seats.

9. Petit Trois (Los Angeles, CA)

If you're looking for a cozy French bistro chock-full of Parisian flair, then you needn't look any further than Petit Trois. This warm neighborhood restaurant designed by Estee Stanley is as charming as the food is delicious. And you can bring the same charming French country vibes to your home with Morris & Co.'s classic Willow Boughs wallpaper.

10. Liza Beirut (Beirut, Lebanon)

Both the decor and cuisine at Liza Beirut draw clear inspiration from the Lebanese capital. One-of-a-kind wallpaper by Idarica Gazzoni covers the esteemed establishment — set on the second floor of the former Abdallah Bustros Palace — coupled with polished brass accents, contemporary Arab art, and marble floors.

11. Juice Culture (Montclair, New Jersey)

Juice Culture, designed by Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs, is bringing New Jersey natives a taste of Southern California in more ways than one. The minimalist design aesthetic includes a fruit-inspired color palette, the use of natural materials, and this gray-hued wallpaper from Sian Zeng.

12. La Gare (Paris, France)

La Gare is another Parisian outpost with dazzling design. The lush mural-like backdrop imbues a sense of warmth and refinement to this atmospheric restaurant in the 16th arrondissement, enhanced by blue velvet chairs and ottomans with gilded foundations.

13. The Dwell Hotel (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Solarium at The Dwell Hotel in Chattanooga serves up swanky midcentury style. Floral wallpaper and bloom pendants infuse femininity. While weighty drapes and leather upholstery exude the tailored masculinity of the Mad Men era. Get a similar look in your home with this garden-inspired print by Timorous Beasties.

14. Odette Tea Room (Warsaw, Poland)

So, technically Odette is a tea room, but it's too drool-worthy not to include. The iconic Martinique wallpaper (originally created by Don Loper exclusively for the Beverly Hills Hotel) evokes visions of Old Hollywood glamour, while the rosewood finish of the tabletops and the slender brass wall sconces infuse modern flair.

15. Felix (Venice, CA)

While you might have to plan weeks in advance to reserve a table at this little Italian restaurant, rest assured, it'll be worth the wait. The delicious food and cozy interiors — including exposed ceiling beams, wood flooring, tulip Roman shades, and even a little floral mint green wallpaper — will instantly transport you to the Italian countryside. Sadly Hygge & West's green peony print has been discontinued, but the good news is that you can still get the same captivating pattern in copper, yellow, or pale blue to bring this pastoral charm to your Italian cottage.

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