Rustic Industrial Decor Can Help You Create the Cozy Vibe You've Been Dreaming Of

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An industrial kitchen with wood cabinets and dining table and vintage wall decor

When you hear the words rustic and industrial, you tend to think about particular spaces — a cozy cabin near the woods, an urban loft or apartment with an open floor plan. But you don't have to limit yourself. That's where rustic industrial decor comes in. It melds two separate styles and can be broken down in three ways. Think old meets new, traditional meets modern, and natural meets man-made.


Whether you're looking to remodel a kitchen, a living room, or bedroom, a rustic industrial vibe is all about how you mix and match materials. Wood, metal, leather, brick, and concrete are your core ingredients. Add a little more of one and a little less of another, and your home will feel unique and unexpected. One key thing to remember, though, is that it's not about perfection and being ultra-polished. It's about making the style your own.

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And guess what? We can tell you exactly how to bring a rustic industrial touch to your home.

1. Bring on the brick.

Brown leather booth against light brick wall with mirrors

Sure not every apartment or home comes with an exposed brick wall, but you can install a patterned wallpaper that mimics the look or even one with a patinaed plaster feel. We like how this elegant vintage mirror plays against the whitewashed brick for the perfect rustic industrial blend.


Get the look: Millwood Pines Bryanna Distressed Wallpaper, $1.53/sq. ft.

2. Try some texture.

a sitting room with a green couch, a rustic raw wood coffee table, and a staircase painted gray

Mixing materials like wood and metal, as well as using hardy and long-enduring fabrics, is key for rustic industrial decor. We love the rich green velvet couch and southwestern textiles in this living space. And the big wood and metal coffee table creates an anchor for the best chill zone.


Get the look: Anthropologie Glenlee Two-Cushion Couch, $2,398

3. Mix metals.

Bar with geometric backsplash, wood shelving, and industrial sink faucet

When you're bringing rustic industrial decor into the kitchen, consider using less-polished metals for your faucets. A brushed brass material like this one is the perfect alternative. We're also digging the vintage vibe of the open wood shelves and stainless steel counters. Again, it's all about mixing man-made and natural in new ways.



Get the look: Urban Outfitters Weldon Wall Shelf, $29

4. Go for a concrete floor.

An industrial kitchen with wood cabinets and dining table and vintage wall decor

Want a great baseline rustic industrial decor tip? Start from the bottom, and install concrete floors. They can be somewhat unfinished or super glossy, and still give you an artsy look. Check out how this kitchen floor is stained to look well-worn. It meshes perfectly with the farmhouse table.


Get the look: One Allium Way Oshea Dining Table, $909

5. Don't forget the lighting.

Let your light fixtures add some industrial energy into the rustic recipe. These modern metal pendants, for example, have the perfect matte finish and can work great grouped together or individually over a dining table.


Get the look: West Elm Sculptural Metal Pendant, starting at $129

6. Incorporate the look in your outdoor space.

If you're thinking of adding a pergola or porch to your house for some shaded outdoor seating, try a high contrast approach with corrugated metal and natural materials. Sure, this space leans a little modern. But in your own design, you can add reclaimed wood furniture. And presto, you've got a fairly low cost rustic industrial outdoor dream room.



Get the look: Beachcrest Home Safira 4-Piece Outdoor Set, $479.99

7. Sprinkle in a bit of schoolhouse.

For bar stools or dining chairs, consider going for something with a schoolhouse look. The dark wood finish will complement the metal frame and look simultaneously rustic and industrial.


Get the look: Trent Austin Design Caseareo Bar Stool, $249.99

8. Keep it light.

You can go dark or monochromatic in your bathroom, but it's okay to try a light and bright look, too. Here, Stickett Inn incorporated tonal gray and white walls with a metal basin tub and terracotta floor tiles. A polished nickel faucet and floating sink keep the rustic industrial flow going.

Get the look: Nameeks CeraStyle Drop-In Sink, $700



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