Industrial Style: A Look at What Makes it So Chic

A modern kitchen with gray wood floors, black cabinets and white kitchen island
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When you're thinking up your dream space, do you yearn for a loft with concrete walls and steel accents? Does your heart flutter when thinking about exposed brick walls and neutral color palettes? If so, you're in the camp that loves industrial style. While others mights scoff at pipes and ducts being out in the open, you can't wait to make them part of your decor.

Let's dive into the world of industrial style and how you can incorporate it into your home.


What is Industrial Style?

According to Modsy, industrial design basically comes down to "a warehouse look that celebrates a rugged, industrial past." It's all about "raw and untreated materials" like steel, brick, leather, concrete, and more. Think of commercial buildings, old factories, and city lofts when envisioning the look. No frills here. There's also no clutter: surfaces are sleek and free of unnecessary objects.

The style also incorporates vintage or reclaimed finds, to give that historic or distressed feeling. Think of it as creating a modern yet effortless vibe. Of course, the look doesn't have to be overly severe. We've got some tips for how to make it your own — and also pair the look with other decor styles.

How to Decorate with Industrial Style

sink with a gold faucet and black wall in a bathroom

Not sure where to start when it comes to giving your own space an industrial look? Here are a few basic tips to kick off your design brainstorming.

First off, while a lot of industrial spaces use black and white or gray tones, you can experiment with other hues. Try color combinations like blue and wood for something a little different.

Once you settle on a general color scheme, it's helpful to take the project room by room. Starting in the living room, think about how to incorporate industrial lighting fixtures. Any exposed brick or concrete generally falls right into this style. Keep your decor sparse and opt for furniture pieces that feature materials like steel or concrete. Even your coffee table can add to the industrial vibe; choose a minimal model with characteristics like a sharp outline or wood details. Consider unconventional choices like these industrial pipe shelving ideas.

Want some industrial edge in your cook space? Some of the most chic industrial kitchens we've seen make great use of sleek materials and exposed shelving. If you're willing to really embrace the style, think about steel hardware, dark cabinets, exposed brick, and similar features to really round out the space. If you've got a kitchen island to work with, consider matching its hue to your cabinet colors. As with coffee tables, experiment with adding a furniture piece on wheels to play up the style even more. Look for lighting fixtures that bring a texture or unfinished look to your design.


Not sure where to start when it comes to an industrial bedroom? A lot of the same design choices can apply to your cozy retreat. Think about what you can keep when it comes to the bones of the room. Small touches like exposed pipes and stylish industrial lighting can bring it all together.

You can even incorporate industrial style into the look of your bathroom. As with many other rooms that use this aesthetic, go for a simple scheme of black and white. Incorporate both larger pieces of furniture and decor items that use materials like concrete and steel. Consider incorporating raw materials and exposed pipes into the overall vibe, especially with your bathroom vanity. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't also add a few plants to the space.

Where to Shop for Industrial Furniture and Decor

Ready to fill up your cart with industrial style furniture and decor? We've got a few suggestions on where to get started. Whether you're looking for lighting or accessories, here are a few places you can start.

West Elm

Industrial Home


Restoration Hardware

World Market



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