Layering Textiles Is a No-Fail Way to Create a Cozy and Compelling Design

Who: Anita Yokota, interior stylist and blogger

Where: Southern California

Why we love this pic: With winter in full swing, many of us are looking for ways to elevate the coziness factor of our homes, and this space does it flawlessly. A rich, variegated rug rests atop a neutral one, adding warmth and dimension to the design. Meanwhile, the range of other textiles, from the inviting throw pillows to the fluffy blanket, tempers the look with cozy intrigue.

The takeaway: Pile on the textiles to up your cozy game this winter.

Get the look:

Navy blue-dominant variegated rug with cream and maroon accents
credit: Rejuvenation
Beige woven layering rug
credit: Rejuvenation
Tan leather pouf with cream stitching
credit: West Elm

Kelly Weimert

Kelly Weimert

Kelly is a full-time freelance writer, aspiring aerialist, and passionate interior design enthusiast. She's a regular contributor to design-centric publications like Apartment Therapy, The Spruce, and TexasLiving Magazine.