16 Front Door Decorations for Winter Festivities and Fun

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Our front entryways are usually the first things we adorn during the holiday season. And when it comes to Christmas door decorations, the evergreen wreath is usually the go-to. Yet, there are so many other ways to make your front door feel extra festive this winter. You can wrap your door up like a present or adorn it with a special yuletide message. Try making a hanging arrangement out of your favorite winter bloom or get your glue gun out and go nuts with some ornaments. It's definitely time to shake things up by using some unexpected elements that say happy holidays and spread extra cheer this year. Get ready to deck those doors with all sorts of things, from a simple pinecone to sparkling silver bells.


Here are 16 fun and festive ideas for Christmas door decorations you can easily add your own twist to with a little DIY magic.

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Video of the Day

1. Grab the bells.

Grab bells you already have on hand (or pick some up from your local hardware store), find some leftover twine and ribbon, combine, and presto — you've got a festive holiday door. Add evergreen elements like Nine and Sixteen did here to take your yuletide to the next level. The bottom line is you really only need one bell you love with some pretty ribbon, and you've created something special. Extra points if you use jingle bells instead.

Get the look:Christmas Door Bell Wreath, $37.80

2. Wow with a winter white wreath.

Instead of going with traditional pine or holly, make your own unique wreath using twigs, dried flowers, and feathers in winter white shades for a festive and chic Christmas door. Dried flowers are on-trend in arrangements year-round. But by using a wintry color like this over a door in a dark shade, you'll make it stand out even more.


Get the look:Cloud Wreath, $225

3. Go natural with greenery.

Mix and match evergreen accents if you want a dreamy look like this one. Forgo the wreath for fresh winter plants and dried berries. Then top everything with a red ribbon. For some extra style points, hang an evergreen garland along your roof and let it drop down amidst an array of pinecones and lanterns. Working with what you have already and adding some seasonal greens makes turning a doorway into a "holiday-way" super easy.



Get the look:Winter Pinecone Evergreen Garland, $59.99

4. Try a straw or raffia wreath.

Want another evergreen alternative? Use straw or raffia to create a winter wreath for a simple but stunning entry moment. We like this look on a bright, colored door to keep things fresh. And it gives a subtle nod to boho Scandinavian style. You can make it easier on yourself by picking up a styrofoam wreath ring at Michael's and wrapping raffia around it for the same seasonal touch.


Get the look:Raffia Natural Wreath, $20

5. Initial it.

A monogram "wreath" will make things more personal. You can create your own with this easy DIY from Lowe's, and feel free to hang one on everyone's bedroom door at home while you're at it. Add some ornaments and other baubles so each family member can have a custom piece.


Get the look:Faux Boxwood Letter Wreath, $89

6. Use pinecones if you want something perfect.

A simple pinecone swag with satin ribbon will bring on the holiday cheer for any front porch. Whether you forage the cones in your own yard or find them at your local craft store, they'll be sustainable and stylish. Try spray painting the tips with white or gold for additional Christmas charm.



Get the look:Preserved Pinecone Swag, $59.99

7. Let your succulents shine.

This wreath idea features real succulents and sprigs of rosemary on a simple twig circle. Add some red berries or pinecones for a winter wink, and you'll have the perfect West Coast decor for any door. Using plants that are native to your surroundings makes any door decor feel more personal. Plus, it's something you can refresh year-round.


Get the look:Live Succulent Wreath, $96

8. Don't forget the snowflakes.

This simple snowflake from Chapman Place is giving us festive farmhouse vibes. You can make your own from recycled cardboard, poster board, or scraps of wood. We love the little hand-drawn snowman that greets visitors, too. This easy add-on can be done with a scrap of wood coated with chalkboard paint and, of course, some chalk.


Get the look:Farmhouse Snowflake Door Hanger, $45

9. Be bold with lots of balls.

Most of us have those old ball-shaped ornaments packed away with the rest of our holiday stuff. And most of them have become worse for wear over the years. While you may not have as many shapes, sizes, and colors on hand like Sweet Crafts had, think of supplementing them with some cheap new ones picked up on Amazon and get out your glue gun. Sure, this door display is truly spectacular, but it made us rethink how we could use those dated balls and create a garland of our own to hang on our door wall. Martha Stewart's DIY will help you get started.



Get the look:Collected Ornament Garland, $98

10. Go simple with a charming stocking.

Who said you only could hang stockings by the fire? Well, while we might see the point of doing that too, a quick way to add some extra charm to your winter door decor is hanging one out front. Stuff it full of greens or even pinecones like Karen Beck did on her rustic cottage. We're not opposed to filling it up with peppermint candy canes either if the mood strikes you.

Get the look:Shag Stocking, $89.50

11. Get groovy with yarn.

Feeling crafty this season? If boho style is your thing and you like to carry the look into your Christmas decor, this easy DIY door hanging using yarn and copper piping is for you. Switch things out with red and green threads or maybe even something a bit more sparkly if you want to turn up the festive factor.

Get the look:White Christmas Door Hanger, $22.51

12. Tie it all up in a bow.

An easy and impactful way to make your front door feel festive is literally tying it up in a bow. Find yourself some fancy wide ribbon -- or use some you kept from last year's presents -- and you've got a super glam way to greet guests this holiday season. Check out this simple DIY from Oh Oh Dec to get started.


Get the look:Christmas Door Bow, $28.80

13. Send out season's greetings.

Hang a banner with a seasonal greeting in your entryway. You can find pre-made ones at places like Target, but why not make one of your very own? We found this DIY on A Beautiful Mess to get you going, but remember, don't be afraid to try your own take on projects like this. Switch out colors and textures and even the message for unique winter door decor. It also might be the perfect excuse for some home improvement by sprucing up your front door with some fresh paint before you hang it.

Get the look:Noel Christmas Banner, $35.68

14. Get yourself some guardian angels.

Angels are an excellent addition to any winter decor. And they'll definitely add a magical feel to an entryway you want to winterize. We found these rustic trumpet players on Etsy that would work beautifully with traditional, farmhouse, or rustic style doorways. But these minimalist angel ornaments made from paper strips on Buggy and Bunny could be grouped together to create a gorgeous front door hanging for a homemade feel or even a garland for your living room.

Get the look:Wooden Trumpeting Angel, $35.68

15. Hang up a north star.

No matter how you decide to adorn your front door this winter, do NOT forget the lighting. String up some white lights around your entrance. Go retro with colorful bulbs on a wreath or bush. Or make things shine even brighter with a special light in the shape of a star like this one from Amazon. Tell everyone who passes under it to make a wish. The star is also used to celebrate Diwali, Hanukkah, and Christmas, so it truly captures the spirit of the season. Here's a DIY on how to make one that's similar.

Get the look:Outdoor Hanging Star Light, $79.95

16. You know you want to build a snowman.

Get the kids involved and transform your entrance into your favorite holiday character. Better yet, if your door is already white, all you need is black, orange, and red construction paper to cut out eyes, a mouth, buttons, a nose, and a scarf to turn your door into a snowman. Don't forget the tape. Here's a super simple DIY - but can you can make things more sophisticated by using felt or fabric too to cover your whole doorway for more dramatic results.

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