30 Modern Holiday DIYs to Decorate Your Tree, Table, and More!

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Deck out your halls this holiday season with all DIY decorations! More than doable, it's downright smart, affordable, and not to mention ​very​ thoughtful of you. (Not to brag, but this is kind of our specialty at Hunker, so these projects are definitely worth a click.) Heck, we'll even show you how simple it is to make your own mistletoe for Christmas festivities. For the details, find all 30 holiday DIY ideas below — New Year's Eve backdrop, anyone?


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1. Make Your Own Mistletoe

DO THE DIY: This year, skip the fake mistletoe and make your own arrangement using fresh greenery because you can and it will impress people.


2. Create a Holiday Tablescape, Scandinavian Style

DO THE DIY: If your taste leans more toward minimalism, this romantic DIY tablescape uses a muted and atmospheric palette inspired by all the things we love when cold weather arrives — it's moody, perfect for cold winter gatherings.


3. DIY Concrete Candleholder

DO THE DIY: This year-round (but especially appropriate around the holidays) DIY project begs the question — is there such a thing as too many candles?


4. DIY Photo Backdrop

DO THE DIY: Every decent New Year's Eve party contains two essential ingredients — over-the-top decorations and a cute spot for staging equally cute NYE Instagram stories.


5. Minimalist Ornaments for Your Holiday Tree

DO THE DIY: As much as we love traditional Christmas decor, sometimes it's nice to break with tradition and embrace a fresh take on the holidays — these minimal ornaments will make a modern Christmas tree shine.


6. DIY Indigo Batik Stockings

DO THE DIY: We love using indigo, a blue plant-based dye, in unexpected ways — like for stylish stockings that offer a twist on possibly the most classic holiday decor item ever.


7. Fun DIY Paper Advent Calendar

DO THE DIY: Create a personalized advent calendar for the winter holiday season — write a memory from the year on each day; each memory, or small gift, is sewn into these paper baubles — and every morning leading up to Christmas, rip one open.


8. DIY Waxed Canvas Holder for Your Tree

DO THE DIY: Short on space? A tabletop Christmas tree can be a smart solution during the holidays, and this DIY fabric planter upgrades a basic pot or tree with Scandinavian charm, while the waxed canvas and leather handles add a rugged, outdoorsy feel.

9. DIY Au Naturel Gift Wrap Ideas

DO THE DIY: We've got three easy DIY ideas for holiday, birthday, and wedding gifts sure to take your wrapping game from bleh to brilliant without having to spend too much time ... or money.

10. Create Simple, Scandi-Inspired Ornaments

DO THE DIY: With harmonious materials, shapes, and textures, you too can create these simple, refined ornaments — raw wood adds natural beauty and silver aluminum gives weight and a touch of sheen to the design.

11. Charming Clay Christmas Tree Ornaments

DO THE DIY: We decorated these air-dry clay ornaments in under an hour using reusable sugar cookie stamps, and the effect is downright divine when hung on a lit (or unlit) Christmas tree.

12. Mini DIY Rosemary Wreaths

DO THE DIY: There's no better time to create a beautiful table setting than during the holiday season — do it in a herbaceous style with these mini wreaths that not only add a personal touch, but also a glorious herbal aroma.

13. DIY Plywood Display for Holiday Cards

DO THE DIY: This year, showcase holiday cards on a Scandi-inspired plywood display that doubles as a memo board for photos and trinkets all year-round, so there's nothing to stop you from using it long after the holiday season ends.

14. Wooden Christmas Tree to Use for Years to Come

DO THE DIY: This Scandinavian-inspired wooden Christmas tree is a great alternative to the real thing and far more convenient than the upkeep of an actual tree with all those falling needles.

15. Minimal Rose Gold Holiday Wreath

DO THE DIY: Holiday decor that's merry, modern, and made by you — what's not to love? (Better still, this rose gold wreath is made of used aluminum cans, so it's both chic and earth-friendly.)

16. DIY Eucalyptus Table Runner (So Easy!)

DO THE DIY: For a centerpiece that's literally good enough to eat (and comes together in a snap), try this fragrant eucalyptus table runner and include plenty of delicious goodies at your epic holiday feast.

17. Regular IKEA Stuff Turned Giant Ornaments

DO THE DIY: Deck your halls this holiday season with an IKEA hack that turns three lamp pendants (all under $10, we might add) into oversize ornaments.

18. Colorful Christmas Tree Forest Centerpiece

DO THE DIY: Add some unexpected colors to your holiday table with this vibrant Christmas tree forest. (Plus, you'll find all of the supplies needed at your local craft store!)

19. Trendy Gift Toppers

DO THE DIY: Luxe, earthy elements like linen and leather in a subtle color palette inspired by nature plus a pop of metallic paint infuse a bit of festivity and glamour to create the prettiest little packages you ever did see.

20. DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

DO THE DIY: Here's an inexpensive way to decorate for the holidays — tomato cage trees are incredibly easy to make and you can place them indoors or out (a cluster of three would look amazing on your front porch, don't ya think?).

21. Rustic Is What We Like

DO THE DIY: Mix it up this fall season with an asymmetrical wreath that has the traditional elements you might expect, like pinecones and winter greens, plus a modern twist, like pampas grass.

22. Paper Ornaments

DO THE DIY: These DIY ornaments may look like fancy origami, but they're actually so easy to make — choose a soft color palette or make these with any kind of patterned paper (like, just spitballing here, all that leftover gift wrap).

23. Create a Charming Forest Holiday Scene

DO THE DIY: You'll be singing fa-la-la-la-la at how enchanting your tiny forest looks displayed on a mantel, windowsill, or shelf, with a few simple sprigs of green — grab some wooden beads, and get gluing.

DO THE DIY: This sweet little winter terrarium is a simple, low-maintenance way to decorate for the holidays — make your holiday scene using a few easy-to-source items and an inexpensive IKEA lantern.

25. Paper Tree Holiday Advent Calendar

DO THE DIY: When the countdown to Christmas is on, it's ON — our modern spin on the advent calendar is a nod to natural surfaces and would play well with your existing decor.

26. Sparkly Pampas Grass Centerpiece

DO THE DIY: Paired with an assortment of other dried florals, here's a striking pampas grass centerpiece that shimmers beneath the glow of candlelight — goodbye to the red and green plaid motifs of yore, hello metallics for your holiday table or New Year's bash.

27. Modern Advent Calendar Using an IKEA Pegboard

DO THE DIY: Make every day leading up to Christmas (or any date, really) a mini celebration with hidden candy, notes, or surprises tucked inside each envelope — this IKEA hack makes the project that much easier to complete.

28. Scandinavian Geometric Tree Ornaments

DO THE DIY: Classically, himmeli were straw decorations hung above tables during the holidays in Finland — these small ornaments are a perfect holiday DIY craft for hanging from your tree or around the home for a touch of modern charm.

29. Hygge Braided Wool Wreath

DO THE DIY: For extra cozy holiday vibes, make this braided wreath with wool roving. The texture of this project is so wonderfully chic and hygge, you'll want to display it all season long.

30. Deck the Halls With a Macrame Holiday Garland

DO THE DIY: Cotton cord and sleigh bells come together in this beautifully simple holiday project. Simply braid the cord, attach the bells with jump rings, then drape on your mantle or handrail. What's more, you can use cord in the colors that match your home's holiday decor.