28 Modern Holiday DIYs to Decorate Your Tree, Table, and More!

Deck out your halls this holiday season with all DIY decorations! More than doable, it's downright smart and not to mention very thoughtful of you. (And, not to brag, but this is kind of our specialty at Hunker so these projects are worth a click.) Heck, we'll even show how simple it is to make your own mistletoe for Christmas festivities. For the details, find all 28 holiday DIY ideas below — New Year's Eve backdrop, anyone?

1. Make Your Own Mistletoe

homemade mistletoe handing in window
credit: Ana Stanciu

2. Create a Holiday Tablescape, Scandinavian Style

3. DIY Concrete Candleholder

4. DIY Photo Backdrop

5. Minimalist Ornaments for Your Holiday Tree

6. DIY Indigo Batik Stockings

7. Fun DIY Paper Advent Calendar

8. DIY Waxed Canvas Holder for Your Tree

9. DIY au Naturel Gift Wrap Ideas

10. Create Simple, Scandi-Inspired Ornaments

11. Charming Clay Christmas Tree Ornaments

clay ornaments hanging on a Christmas tree
credit: Carrie Waller

12. Mini DIY Rosemary Wreaths

13. DIY Plywood Display for Holiday Cards

14. Wooden Christmas Tree to Use for Years to Come

15. Minimal Rose Gold Holiday Wreath

wreath made with rose gold-toned aluminum leaves
credit: Maya Marin

16. DIY Eucalyptus Table Runner (So Easy!)

17. Regular IKEA Stuff Turned Giant Ornaments

18. Colorful Christmas Tree Forest Centerpiece

assortment of colorful cones on dinner table
credit: Sara Albers

19. Trendy Gift Toppers

20. DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

tomato cage Christmas tree display
credit: Sara Albers

21. Rustic, Unruly Is What We Like

22. Paper Ornaments

23. Create a Charming Forest Holiday Scene

24. Winter Holiday Terrarium Using a Popular IKEA Item

25. Paper Tree Holiday Advent Calendar

26. Sparkly Pampas Grass Centerpiece

27. Modern Advent Calendar Using an IKEA Pegboard

28. Scandinavian Geometric Tree Ornaments

Lauren McQuade

Lauren McQuade

Lauren McQuade is a writer, editor based in Los Angeles.