10 Ideas to Help You Cherish Good Old Holiday Memories

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Even though it seems as if the holiday season stretches on forever (Really? Christmas commercials before Halloween?!), those memories shared among family and friends are fleeting. Before you know it, it'll be next Christmas, and for the life of you, you won't be able to remember what you did this year.


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Luckily, there are plenty of inventive and festive ways to cherish your memories this season and for years to come. Whether you're jonesing for a fun DIY project, looking for new ways to showcase your photos, or want to know how you can capture those gone-in-a-flash memories, here are 10 ideas to inspire you throughout the holidays.


1. Use modern frames for your favorite holiday photos.

Sometimes, your holiday photos need a fresh update to look polished and chic in your space. Take a page from A Beautiful Mess and spend an afternoon gathering old photos and new favorites, and display them using modern frames in gold and Lucite. It's an on-trend way to treasure your holiday memories.


2. Set up a fancy backdrop.

Whether you're throwing a party or want to spice up a random Tuesday night, you can set up a merry photo backdrop to enjoy with pals or your significant other. This Christmas-card ready photo from Brittany Watson Jepsen over at The House That Lars Built features an exquisite oversize wreath of greenery.


3. Spend an evening listening to holiday records, then frame them.

How's this for a perfect holiday evening? Track down family Christmas albums or purchase some from a secondhand store, set up your record player, and settle in for a night of festive music. Be sure to rock some flannel PJ's and celebratory socks, just like Robert and Christina from New Darlings. When you're done, frame the album covers for some retro holiday decor.


4. Style a photo session with your pet.

If you believe that your pet deserves to be the star of your Christmas card (and let's be honest, who doesn't?), set up a photo shoot with little Pancakes, complete with a too-cute mini wreath crown. Follow Francesca's steps over at Fall for DIY to learn how to drop your snaps into a Christmas card template.


5. Display family ornaments in creative ways.

It's always a sad thought when you know you have family heirlooms laying unused in a box. For an inventive way to display vintage ornaments that have been in your family for ages, why not arrange them in a pretty bowl for all to see? The gold bowl is a lovely choice in this vignette shared by Zabrina over at ZDesign at Home.


6. Create a unique wall hanging.

Don't put all of those gorgeous holiday cards in a drawer, not to be rediscovered until next July. Instead, use them to create a stunning wall hanging, like this one rendered in eucalyptus and natural materials. The instructions are provided on Minted's blog, Julep.


7. Make ornaments to commemorate a special memory.

Rebecca from Simple As That wanted to deck out her tree with precious family memories, so she DIYed these sentimental photo ornaments. Try making your own — it will only take 10 minutes to create something you can enjoy for a lifetime.

8. Tuck photos into a wreath.

Surrounding yourself with holiday memories can be as simple as tucking a few fave photos into a wreath, seen here in an image seen on Parabo Press' Instagram page. And you can always punch holes in the photos and weave them into the wreath using a bit of twine if you'd like to secure them.

9. Use heirlooms in your holiday decor.

Have any family heirlooms that aren't being used? You can make your silver pieces truly shine this holiday season by using them to display a festive bouquet of flowers, like this holiday-inspired arrangement.

10. Book a professional photographer.

For the ultimate in holiday memories, book a session with a professional photographer. Throw on your holiday best, go on location to some beloved Christmas scene, and let the pro work their magic. That's what blogger Keiko Lynn did, and the results couldn't be more adorable.