6 DIY Christmas Tree Ideas That Will Have You Crafting Straight Into the Holidays

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Here at Hunker, prepping for the holidays is one of our favorite pastimes. In fact, we're not ashamed to admit that almost as soon as the decorations come down in January, we're busy making plans for next season. Of course, garland, stockings, and mantel decor figure prominently into our winter wonderland schemes, but the central focus is always the Christmas tree. This year, instead of purchasing a traditional evergreen, we're eager to roll up our sleeves and get busy with one of these DIY Christmas tree ideas. Here are six crafty ideas to choose from.


1. Consider a new shape.

Mix things up this year with an alternative to the classic tree, in the form of a playful cactus-shape. Savannah and Casey of Hey Wanderer channel desert vibes with this whimsical Christmas decorating idea, proving that a nonconformist showpiece can still exude that festive holiday spirit.

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2. Opt for those hygge vibes.

Embrace the essence of the holidays and infuse your home with winter Scandi vibes in the form of a sweet (and space-saving) DIY Christmas tree idea like this wall hanging from Collective Gen. The foraged branch frame, miniature lights, and sparse ornaments introduce warmth and seasonal rustic undertones in an understated, mess-free package.


3. Bring on the glitz.

Swap out a standard pine for a bit of flair with this glamorous DIY Christmas tree idea constructed from stacked disco balls in varying sizes. Kelly of Studio DIY punctuates the glittery orbs with vibrant fuschia- and red-wrapped presents for a winter scene that's big on personality and cheer.


4. Style with succulents.

Arrange an array of succulents into the shape of a Christmas tree for a surprisingly seasonal vibe not usually equated with the tiny plant. This multitasking Christmas decorating idea, courtesy of The Home Depot, is full of depth and subtle color variation and would be an eye-catching addition to any holiday tablescape.



5. Dust off your books.

You don't need to be a scholar to appreciate the practicality of a DIY Christmas tree that repurposes the standard book into unexpected, eye-catching Noel decor. Simply stack them in a conical shape and turn the tomes outward so that the pages are on display à la author Christine Manzari for a monochromatic look, or if you prefer a dose of color, flip them around and show-off the spines instead.


6. Simplify it.

In the hustle and bustle of the season, simplicity can be refreshing. This pared-down DIY Christmas tree idea from Hunker contributor Caroline Burke combines natural wood dowels and neutral decorations for a look that's earthy with a modern twist.



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