These Scandinavian Christmas Tree Ideas Are as Effortlessly Cool as It Gets

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The fundamentals of Scandinavian style are as straightforward as the aesthetic itself. Rooted in minimalism, it's all about streamlined details and an effortlessly cool finish that leaves little else to be desired. More often than not, Scandinavian spaces feature a pared-down palette of neutrals, balanced out with dramatic pops of black and gray, light wood furnishings, and a potted plant or two. When it comes to the holiday season — commonly known for multi-colored string lights and a rainbow of ornaments and frills to boot — translating that subdued look means emulating its "less is more" approach.


But don't fret, there isn't a compromise on style in sight. Whether you're working with a modest display in a tiny apartment or something grand and over-the-top, there's a way to infuse a dose of coveted Scandinavian style into your holiday scheme. Read on for a few Scandinavian Christmas tree ideas that promise to inspire.

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1. Play to your surroundings.

A sparsely decorated tree is par for the course in Scandinavian style, but it can also stick out like a sore thumb when standing in the middle of an extravagantly decked out space. In a minimalist scheme though, like the one here from The Merrythought, the holiday staple takes on a completely different feel, looking like a seamless extension of the existing decor. All in all, the white space, filled with lively greens, makes for quite a combo.

Get the look: The Holiday Aisle Iced Long Needle Pine Garland, $113.99

2. Make it a mini moment.

This dreamy nook styled by Emily Henderson is proof that no Christmas tree is too small — or too under-decorated, for that matter — to make an impact. Nestled in her kids' playroom, the mini faux green evokes an essence of Scandinavian style with its streamlined build and a charming basket that adds a touch of warmth. Follow the designer's lead and add a string of fairy lights for a layer of shine.


Get the look: Pottery Barn Pre-Lit Faux Pine Trees in Baskets, $129 - $199


3. Improvise on material.

Wooden Scandinavian Christmas trees can be just as striking as traditional greenery, proven by this DIY. While the ornaments skew a bit on the whimsical side, the pared-down palette and wooden toys, combined with a hint of brass, make for a uniform finish that offers a refreshing twist on the holiday classic.


Get the look: DIY Scandinavian Inspired Wooden Christmas Tree

4. Give tradition a rest.

McGee and Co.'s take on the Scandinavian Christmas tree may err on the side of traditional at first glance but the neutral tones of the adornments coupled with beaded garlands scream Nordic style all the way. Take designer Shea McGee's lead and opt for a frosted faux option (it makes a major impact without the need for a decorative surplus) and deck it out with chunky, round ornaments in a scheme of matte black, gold, and even translucent.


Get the look: Crate and Kids Wood Bead Garland, $29

5. Think lean.

The whole Charlie Brown-esque, neglected Christmas tree look falls right in line with the effortless cool that Scandinavian style is known for. Francois et Moi's rather slender pick still manages to capture our hearts with its minimalist getup elevated by bright string lights and a handful of ornaments in punchy splashes of black and white. A woven basket to conceal an otherwise unsightly stand is the perfect finishing touch.



Get the look: Serena & Lily Big Sur Basket, $68 - $128

6. Edit out unnecessary flair.

Homey Oh My's Scandinavian Christmas tree hits all the right notes, down to the wrapping paper. Follow the lead of this equally minimalist and high-contrast interior, and deck out your faux tree with a felt wool ball garland, DIY ornaments from repurposed card stock gift tags, and a few traditional rose gold baubles for a hint of luster.


Get the look: JuJuBeeGoods White Felt Ball Garland, $11 - $33

7. Shape up.

Geometric shapes are a staple of Scandinavian style and when it comes to Christmas trees, they're an ideal motif. Danish brand Ferm Living never fails to deliver with its selection of ornaments and the simplicity of this sleek situation is all the proof we need. A color palette rich in gray, black, and white invites a refined touch that balances out the minimalism.

Get the look: Ferm Living Brass Circle Ornament, $18



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