Seriously, These Scandi-Chic Kids' Bedroom Ideas Are the Cutest Things We've Ever Seen

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The tell-tale signs of a Scandinavian room: simple color palettes, tons of natural textures, minimalist furniture, and eco-friendly materials. In other words: the good stuff. When you bring it to a kid-friendly space, you're likely to see touches of whimsy, pops of color, and playful accents to boot. Thanks to simple but enchanting details, Scandinavian style makes the perfect backdrop for imaginative play.


Ahead, we're sharing nine magical kids' bedroom ideas that are sure to inspire your home's Scandi-chic transformation.

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1. Feature a woven pendant for natural texture.

It might not be your first instinct to add statement lighting to a kids' room, but Viktoria certainly makes the case to do so with this bedroom idea. The natural, woven texture feels relaxed and casual, making it ideal for your little one's space.

Get the look: IKEA Sinnerlig Pendant, $69.99

2. Include cozy floor seating.

This cozy nook from Viktoria makes a perfect spot for reading, playing, or even an impromptu nap. Recreate this look at home by pairing white walls with greige and blush pink accents.


Get the look: Karup Design Nido Futon Armchair, $303

3. Cover an accent wall in wallpaper.

Even though white walls are a hallmark of Scandinavian design, you can always add a fun twist by incorporating wallpaper with a Nordic-inspired pattern. Keep the rest of the room simple and clean with white and natural wood accents, allowing the wallpaper to really shine.



Get the look: Scandinavian Designers Mini 6258 - I, $92 per double roll

4. Opt for a rattan bed frame.

Here, rattan lends a warm tone to an all-white space designed by Alena, making the space feel cozy and inviting. Copy this adorable kids' bedroom idea with quirky, patterned bedding, a strand of twinkle lights, and a stuffed unicorn head mounted on the wall for a whimsical vibe.


Get the look: Crate&Kids Rattan Kids Bed, $899 - $1,099

5. Use leather pulls instead of traditional hardware.

In true Scandi fashion, leather pulls replace shiny hardware for an earthier, more natural vibe. Follow the lead of Avenue Lifestyle with chestnut leather pulls mounted with brass nailheads, and pair with white built-ins. Add a colorful, geometric rug for a dash of playfulness.


Get the Look: Design Studio Nu Grip Handle in Chestnut

6. Hang a whimsical bed canopy.

A dusty pink canopy above the bed feels enchanting and magical in Elin Wallin's Scandinavian home. Add a soft, plush rug and trade the standard white walls for a muted shade of green to bring this kids' bedroom idea into your own home.



Get the look: Numero 74 Bed Canopy in Dusty Pink, $121

7. Keep it simple with neutrals.

There's no rule book that says kid spaces have to be overflowing with color to be youthful and charming. This serene kids' bedroom idea by Shauna Dean employs neutrals and patterns to create a minimalist, Scandinavian vibe. Combine buffalo check bedding, black and white wallpaper, and natural wood finishes to achieve the same look.


Get the look: Rocky Mountain Decals Constellation Wallpaper, $35 - $89 per roll

8. Display wooden toys.

Eco-friendly is the name of the game in Scandi design, so it's no wonder you'll seldom see plastic toys decorated in primary colors. Instead, follow in Irina Pushko's footsteps by displaying wooden toys that invite imaginative play and a soothing color palette.


Get the look: Plan Toys Victorian Dollhouse, $350

9. Hang minimalist artwork.

Rather than hanging traditional animal-themed prints in fancy frames, choose simple yet playful images to hang with wood and string for a cheerful, minimalist vibe. Take a page out of Nadine's design book with a tiny bookcase to display their favorite tomes and a weather-inspired reading nook, perfect for a rainy day.

Get the look: KidoftheVillage Children's Umbrella Print, $15.84 - $46.19



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