Here's Where You Can Find Those Stuffed Animal Head Mounts That Are All Over Instagram

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Are there any stuffed animal head-free nurseries left these days? Not according to Instagram and Pinterest. So if you've been wondering just where people are buying these whimsical creatures, wonder no more. Here are your best options:

Fiona Walker England

Sleepy Elephant With a Crown, $107.50

Moose Head, $114.50

English designer Fiona Walker makes some of the most beautiful stuffed animal head mounts — but it can be tough to get your hands on them in the U.S. The good news is that Maisonette sells them stateside — or otherwise you can submit a shipping inquiry on the Fiona Walker website. These are a bit of a splurge, but the attention to detail is truly special.


Heartfeltcreations15 Llama Faux Head Taxidermy, $75

KudikisBabyBedding Llama Stuffed Animal Head Wall Mount, $56

Pricing on Etsy can be a bit more mid-range. Some notable stuffed animal head sellers to look out for are Heartfeltcreations15 and KudikisBabyBedding. KudikisBabyBedding is Ukraine-based, so note that shipping will be a bit extra.


Flamingo Head Wall Decor, $24.99

Wolf Head Wall Decor, $19.99

Your most affordable and convenient option may just be Target. Their Pillowfort line has a selection that won't bust your budget.

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