Kids' Playroom Ideas 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Close your eyes and try to imagine a couple of your most beloved childhood memories. There's a good chance those moments didn't happen at school — they likely took place when you were playing with your friends and using your imagination. Now, that you have kiddos of your own, we bet you want them to create memories of their own, and do it in a space that's full of fun and adventure.

Well, a playroom is the ideal place to do just that. Whether you have space set aside in your basement or a separate room that's dedicated to playtime, the key factors when coming up with kids' playroom ideas include devising a layout, setting up storage, choosing a style for the space, creating safety measures, and shopping for essential items. And when you're ready, this how-to guide will get your creative juices flowing so you can craft a magical space that both you and your little ones will adore.


Create a Functional Layout

A functional layout is key when it comes to designing a playroom. You'll need to carve out different zones or stations, so whether your little ones want to color, play games, have a tea party, you name it, there will be enough room to accommodate their creative imaginations. Also, don't forget to leave a large amount of floor space so they can build forts or just run around and be kids.

Next, you'll need to think about furniture — which can include a sofa, small table and chairs, and soft seating like poufs and beanbags. But before you run out to purchase anything, don't forget to meticulously check and double check your measurements to make sure they are suitable for kids.

After you've brainstormed a basic layout for the main pieces of furniture, you should leave open areas in corners and nooks for fanciful and fun add-ons, like a dreamy reading nook, a hanging chair, a climbing wall, a slide, or a sweet kid's kitchen.

The layout in this modern playroom designed by Emily Henderson is so smart — with tons of space to play around, tables that can be moved in a flash, and a tucked-in desk perfect for creating masterful works of art.

Stash It Away

Toys, and lots of 'em, are pretty much a requirement for any kids' playroom idea. And those toys need to have places to live instead of the floor — where you'll inevitably trip over one and twist your ankle. Avoid this fate and stay organized with smart storage. If you're starting from scratch, closets and built-ins are a lifesaver in a playroom. Otherwise, you can always turn to helpful items such as a refreshed dresser, color-coded cubbies, or open shelving to keep toys at bay.

Furniture that works overtime can also be handy for creating extra storage in a playroom. For instance, you can buy a kids' table that features spots along the sides where you can hang pencil cups for coloring essentials. And don't overlook the fact that "grown-up" storage pieces can have their place in a playroom, too, and make it more stylish in the process. Think bookcases, consoles, and baskets made from natural materials.


In this boho playroom, Paige of The Love Designed Life put a storage unit with cubbies to work along with on-trend woven baskets. We've also spotted clever parents who utilize IKEA's Trofast Storage System in the playroom, and the result is a storage area that's customizable and impeccably cool.

Other Things to Think About

Now that the layout and storage are in place, it's time to consider the style of your kids' playroom. It should be a theme that's in line with the rest of your home, where you'll want to hang out as much as your kids do.

Consider one of the popular decor styles out there today, such as a Scandinavian playroom that's equal parts modern and soothing, a colorful space filled with eye-catching patterns, or one that's contemporary and ready for play with swings and climbing walls.

Chelsea and Diana of Sissy and Marley went with a Scandi-chic look for this playroom, and the finished result is so gorg, any adult would happily spend time hanging in this sweet wonderland.

There are also some safety hazards to plan for in a playroom. First of all, if you have babies, make sure there's a spot dedicated to very small toys that your bigger kids can enjoy without being in reach of your littlest family members. Make sure cords are neatly tucked away and out of sight. And include natural materials that can withstand mold and dust, like cork and cotton.

Where to Shop for Kids’ Playroom Ideas

Now that you've had your fill of playroom ideas, the next step is to go shopping, of course. Brittany of Hello Honey turned to Pottery Barn Kids when she tricked out this amazing whimsical refuge. Scroll on for more of our favorite playroom-ready retailers.

West Elm

Yes, the same place where you score the most gorgeous lighting around is also a destination for playroom decor. You'll adore their kid-approved modern furniture that looks as if it could go anywhere in your home.



Target has an entire online department dedicated to playroom products. Here, you'll discover "kid-level" furnishings and storage pieces that can help create the perfect art or reading nook, along with way-too-cute beanbags, tents, teepees, and tunnels.


Amazon is a goldmine for playroom must-haves, including tons and tons of storage solutions. Go here for bins, shelving, and crates, many of which come in fun colors that your kids will love.


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