The Best Kid-Friendly Rugs Your Playroom Is Missing

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From storage to furniture, there are endless ways to tie your playroom together. But a kid-friendly playroom rug is essentially the icing on the cake, providing both style and function.


According to Sara Adam Slywka, co-founder of nursery decor brand Nestig, adding a rug to your space is the perfect way to make it feel more warm and inviting, which is exactly how a playroom should feel.

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"It's also arguably the room where you and your kids will be spending the most time on the floor — playing games; setting up dollhouses; and, of course, doing somersaults — so having a space that feels comfortable is super important," Slywka tells Hunker. "It's also one of the most fun spaces to decorate, which allows you to play a bit more with color or texture than maybe you would in a living room or bedroom."

The Best Playroom Rugs

Whether you want to add an element of education, adventure, wonderment, or just a pop of color, here are our top picks that are guaranteed to add interest to your playroom from the ground up.

Made from organic cotton with nontoxic dyes, this sweet shell rug would be the perfect fit for both playrooms and nurseries.


If you and your kids are major Disney fans, look no further than Ruggable's kid-friendly collection. With pops of blue and yellow, it'll brighten up your space. And the best part? It's completely machine washable.



Here's a round cotton rug that would look great on its own or layered over a larger rug. Made from cotton, it's plush, educational, and easy to clean.


With an interactive design, this rug will not only provide comfort but also entertainment thanks to the hopscotch squares and winding roads.


Add a playful animal pattern to your playroom with this lion-shaped rug. Tufted from New Zealand wool, this soft rug is the perfect piece to highlight cozy corners of a playroom.


A bright and colorful design made from durable polypropylene, this pick offers soft texture and comes in multiple sizes.



Between the soft wool feel and the whimsical designs, this rug from Crate and Kids would be the perfect addition to any gender-neutral space.


A bestseller with a traditional design, we're absolutely loving this silky, vintage-inspired rug.


Made in collaboration with Sarah Sherman Samuel, this hand-tufted rug with a textured, wavy design will soften up any playroom.

Handmade in Brazil with soft, organic cotton, this arched rainbowesque rug is ready for playtime.


Made from polypropylene, this colorful, contemporary rug is extra resilient and can withstand any wear and tear in a playroom.

Available in multiple sizes, this cotton accent rug comes in several fun colors and can be easily spot cleaned.

Luxe, stain resistant, and machine washable, this shag rug from Ruggable will create a soft, plush area for your kids to enjoy.

What to Consider When Buying Playroom Rugs

On top of comfort, there are several factors to take into consideration when shopping for the perfect playroom rug, including maintenance, materials, size, and style.



Since the playroom is bound to get a little messy, ease of care and overall maintenance is essential in a playroom rug. "The last thing you want to be thinking about when you're immersed in play is whether or not you're going to ruin your rug," Slywka says. Washable designs are a great choice, so when the inevitable spill or stain arises, you can throw it in the washing machine.


The best materials for playroom rugs are natural options, like wool, cotton, and jute, or synthetic materials, including acrylic and polypropylene.

  • Wool:​ Wool is a natural material that's as durable as it is soft. It's also stain-resistant and resilient enough to handle high foot traffic but will likely need regular vacuuming to prevent too much shedding.
  • Cotton:​ Inexpensive, soft, and easy to clean, cotton rugs are a great choice for playrooms. Cotton rugs also tend to come in colorful and playful designs that are both interactive and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Jute:​ A more high-end option, jute rugs are easy to clean and surprisingly durable against natural wear and tear. However, jute isn't as soft compared to other materials.
  • Acrylic:​ An affordable alternative to natural materials, acrylic rugs are cozy, soft, stain-resistant, and sometimes machine washable.
  • Polypropylene:​ Similar to acrylic rugs, rugs made from polypropylene are highly durable. It's commonly used in outdoor rugs since it also holds up well against water, fading, and high foot traffic.


According to Slywka, you should try to get a playroom rug that covers most of your floor space to create an ample, soft play space. However, you can also use smaller rugs to highlight certain spots in the playroom, like a playroom table or daybed.


Last but not least is picking out a design that you like and that matches your decor. "A playroom is a space that will see lots of laughs and love and lounging; you should take care to choose something that you really enjoy," Slywka recommends. Don't be afraid to play around with color or patterns, especially fun, interactive designs with alphabets, cityscapes, and more.

Where to Buy Playroom Rugs

If you want a more whimsical design, Nestig is a must. Nestig's rugs are all machine washable and are handmade by artisans in Brazil with nontoxic dyes and organic cotton.

Overstock has thousands of rugs to elevate your playroom. You can find everything from plush, shag rugs to machine-washable, interactive options at affordable price points.

Ruggable is known for its washable and stain-resistant collection that's perfect for playrooms. The brand has no shortage of eye-catching designs, including a few kid-friendly collabs with Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and more. Learn even more about the brand in our in-depth Ruggable review.

At Rugs USA, you can find a rug for any room in your home, including the playroom. We're especially loving the washable collection for its extra durability.

Crate and Kids has stylish rugs that you might even want to use outside of the playroom. In addition to chic, geometric, and neutral designs, there are quite a few extra-playful picks with outer space and city car themes.

From washable rugs to play mats, Pottery Barn's collection of kid-friendly rugs is one you'll definitely want to peruse.

Wayfair has thousands of rugs in stock, including styles intended for nurseries, playrooms, and kids' rooms, from interactive to more traditional designs.

On top of multiple in-house kids' lines, Target has quite the selection of cute, playful, and kid-friendly rugs.