How to Create a Gender-Neutral Nursery

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Pink for girls. Blue for boys. It's kind of a tiring M.O. Especially if you're trying to encourage your little one to create their own opinions about the world and society. So, how do you create a gender-neutral nursery that's still chic and playful? Check out these 9 tips as you start planning for baby's arrival.

1. Consider a pop of design.

Credit: Sarah Sherman Samuel

If you stick to a white, off-white, or ivory color palette, consider a pop of design as the accent. This black-and-white animal print wallpaper creates a fun but non-distracting pattern behind an otherwise neutral decor. Try peel-and-stick wallpaper for an easy way to change things up.

2. Find pops of color in hues other than pink or blue.

Credit: A Beautiful Mess

This room uses a largely neutral palette to create a calm nursery. To add in a bit of fun, a wall hanging brings in unexpected colors like orange, red, and brown, while a leather pouf also picks up brown tones.

3. Or, try embracing all colors.

Credit: A Beautiful Mess

A rainbow-themed nursery is a standard operation, but if you take the tone down a notch, a pastel rainbow theme might make the perfect neutral space for your growing baby.

4. Consider acrylic furniture.

Acrylic furniture can make a smaller nursery seem larger. It also has the benefit of looking ultra-modern. But be warned: Acrylic furniture isn't cheap. This crib by Pottery Barn Kids is $699, while his super-splurge by Wayfair is $4,500.

5. Decorate your nursery as you would any other room.

Credit: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Here's one easy way to make sure your space feels gender-neutral: Don't think about it being a nursery. Believe it or not, but this photo is of a nursery — the only giveaway is the playset. When you're a new parent, the nursery is, after all, a large part of your day, so create a relaxing room you'd actually want to spend time in.

6. Focus on the mix of materials rather than gendered accessories.

Credit: Sarah Sherman Samuel

There is nothing inherently telling about gender or theme with finishings like wicker or brass. Mix in a few contemporary pieces and some old-school toys, and you'll have a neutral look without the fuss.

7. Make whimsical art the focal point.

Credit: Metro Mode

Here's an easy rubric to follow if you really have no clue where to start. Step 1: Build out a monochromatic palette. Step 2: Curate wall art that will create a non-gendered theme. Look for motifs that speak to playfulness in general: Animals, landscapes, geometric shapes, or art that incorporates quotes.

8. Choose the wall color carefully.

A bit stumped on what color to pick for your gender-neutral nursery? Some easy colors to work with: Grey, cream, slate, green, or yellow. If you're intimidated by bold colors, going pastel always lightens the mood.

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