13 Nursery Themes That Are Actually Cool

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Looking for a fun way to decorate your baby's nursery? You don't have to go with the cliche themes that are overdone. Choosing cool nursery themes with good design potential lets you create a beautiful nursery that can grow with your child.

13 Nursery Themes That Are Actually Cool
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1. World Exploration Theme

Encourage your little one to explore the world from a young age. Images of the world through globes and maps help set the tone. Find inspiration in different cultures with traditional decorative pieces from around the world. You can also add postcard-style images of different places that have personal significance.


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2. Updated Nautical Look

Explore the high seas with a sophisticated nautical look. Simple additions such as a round mirror to resemble a porthole, a decorative anchor and whimsical whale prints create the nautical theme elegantly and simply.

3. Forest and Woodland Creatures

Animal themes remain popular for nursery themes. Instead of the traditional jungle animals, fill your nursery with woodland creature decor. Bears, foxes, owls, deer and other critters fit the theme well. Add wood accents to complement the theme.

4. Geometric Pattern Theming

Incorporate a specific geometric pattern throughout the decor to create a cohesive look. Stripes, triangles and polka dots are fun options. You can paint the shapes on the walls or pull them in through fabrics and wall decor.

5. Alphabet Nursery Themes

Nailing the ABC look without making the room look like a preschool doesn't have to be difficult. One option is to gather wooden letters in different styles and colors to create the alphabet on the wall. You can also use fun images to represent the different letters.


6. Starry Nighttime Skies

When it comes to cool baby rooms, a starry sky theme is a top pick. It's a dreamy look that's easy to create with a mural, wall decals or star-themed wallpaper. Add in some moons and clouds to round out the nighttime look.

7. Color Scheme Design

Instead of going with an obvious theme, choose one or two colors as your unifying element. Black and white is a classic combo that offers versatile decorating options, but you can splash the room with brighter colors to fit your preferences. Instead of going with traditional blue for a boy or pink for a girl, you might choose a bright citrus color theme with yellows and oranges, for example.



8. Little Library Look

Starting your little one off with a love for reading is a perk of this nursery theme, which is great for a baby girl or baby boy nursery. Framed prints from childhood classics, shelves of actual books and other book-themed decor helps create the theme. Begin your child's book collection with a mini library filled with books you can read together.


9. Baby's Name Inspiration

Make your baby the star of the nursery by using your little one's name as the theme. You can spell out the name in decorative letters, use initials in the decor or add monogrammed pieces to the walls and bedding.

10. Outdoors and Nature

An outdoorsy theme brings in a little touch of nature for a sweet, calming retreat. A kids' play tepee is a fun addition that creates the theme and gives your little one a fun place to play in a few years. Murals of mountains, oars hung on the walls and wall decor showing your favorite outdoor places add to the look.


11. Favorite Character Theme

Put a little of your own personality into the room by choosing a favorite character theme. You don't have to go traditional with the likes of Sesame Street or Disney characters. Go for something unique such as Star Wars or another parent favorite.


12. Rustic Farmhouse Fun

Skip the over-the-top barnyard theme for a more versatile farmhouse style. Shiplap on the walls sets the stage for the rustic look, and you can still display images of barnyard animals to delight your little one as the years go by.

13. Beachy Nursery Decor

Opting for a beach theme makes the nursery feel like a retreat even when you can't get away. Green, blue and beige hues work well for this nursery theme. You don't have to go overboard with fish pictures to create this look. Images of waves, wall decor made of driftwood and jars of seashells displayed out of reach of your little one are good options.




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