I Tried Ruggable's Machine-Washable Rugs to See What the Hype Was About

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Here's something you need to know about me — I'm incredibly clumsy. I do my best, I swear. I try not to spill coffee down my shirt, flick mascara on my bathroom mirror, and drip foundation on my comforter — I really do! And yet, parts of my wardrobe and home sit slightly stained, which is undeniable evidence of my clumsy past.


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Even with this unfortunate trait pretty much locked into my personality, when I first heard about machine-washable rugs, I was skeptical. The idea of having an easy solution to accidental spills and foot traffic stains? Sounds amazing in theory, but in practice? I didn't think it would be comfortable or — the bigger issue — stylish enough, and I am one to sacrifice practicality for style.


So, when offered the chance to try out Ruggable's design-friendly, machine-washable rugs, I jumped at the opportunity — scroll down to read my honest opinion.

Choosing a Pattern

First things first, I had to select a print. With over 600 rugs to choose from, there really is a color and style for everyone. They have every category you could want — like Farmhouse, Moroccan, Abstract, Florals, and more — plus special collections, like Jonathan Adler, Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars.


In my bedroom, where I was planning on putting the rug, I tend to be partial to neutrals and simple prints, with pops of colors and boho touches. Since a rug is a pretty significant feature in any room — and I am indecisive — I chose to go with something that was neutral enough to match with a lot of different colors and styles, but still fun enough to really pull my whole room together: AKA the Kavi Diamond in Rose Gold. Inspired by designer Kavita Chaudhary, this rug uses a mix of cream, nude pink, and rose gold hues, combined with abstract and imperfect diamonds to create a stunning, but simple, pattern. I got the 8x10 size for $399, which includes both the rug cover (top layer) and rug pad (bottom layer).


The Installation

If you've seen the ads on Instagram, you'd be led to believe that Ruggable rugs are incredibly easy to lay down. The truth? It was almost the exact opposite for me. Full disclosure, my bedroom is small and I didn't move out any furniture to help me in the pursuit — definitely do not recommend going that route — so I'm sure it wouldn't be this hard for most. However, if you ​have​ seen the ads, you've probably seen a solo woman shaking out the top layer of the rug to lay down on the bottom as though it was a top sheet. In reality, the two pieces are more velcro-like, which means you have to have it perfectly aligned before you can lay any part of it down flat to avoid bumps and lines.


I ended up recruiting my roommate to help me with the lift-and-shimmy process of getting this rug under my bed, which was not only a challenge akin to a workout but also allowed for little room for errors (in this case, bumps, lumps, and crookedness). In the end, it didn't lay perfectly flat, but since it was partially under my bed, it was good enough to leave. I think if it had been in the living room, I probably would've been more frustrated by the imperfections, but that said, it also probably would have been easier to lay perfectly flat. My recommendation would be to recruit at least one other person, if not one person for each of the four corners, to help pull the top layer completely taut so it looks perfect. (Ruggable also has this instructional video that makes the assembly process much easier.)


Testing, Testing

Once the rug was (finally) in place, I got to testing. My immediate thoughts were that it felt a bit thin, but still soft, and looked beautiful. I don't think anyone would ever know that it was machine-washable unless I told them. The colors and pattern were vibrant and it didn't seem cheap or out of place. The corners were slightly thinner, since the rug pad stops about an inch from the edge, and curled up a little bit, but over time, they've calmed down.


It's definitely not something that I would describe as "plush" by any means, but it warms up my room and makes it feel homier. I think if I wanted it to be more cushioned any kind of standard rug pad underneath would do the job nicely — although I'm very happy with how it feels currently. I also am considering adding a jute rug underneath or laying a white shag rug on top for a little bit of extra texture, which could also help. But, overall, this is exactly on par with any other rug I've had and I'm loving how the warm colors look in my space.


Laundry Time

As fate would have it, now that I have a washable rug, I've suddenly become the clean person I've always wanted to be. No major spills, stains, or footprints to be seen, which makes this review a little less exciting (I guess I should've gone the extra mile and spilled a full cup of coffee on the rug). There was a little bit of visible wear and tear around the corner by my bedroom door though after a few months, so I used that as the cleaning test spot.

For washing, Ruggable says all you need to do is peel off the top layer, throw it in the washing machine with a mild detergent, dry on low heat, and — voilá! — a rug that's good as new. While "simply peeling off the top layer" was a little bit easier said than done for me, the fact that the bottom layer was already down and in place made it a tad easier to maneuver than the original installation. The actual laundering process was straightforward and simple, my rug dried quickly and easily, and all signs of wear and tear were completely erased.

But the best part? It was even softer and easier to lay out than before. It was almost like getting a brand new rug all over again!

The Verdict

All in all, I am a huge fan of the Ruggable rugs. Not only do they have a ton of gorgeous designs and make clumsy, spill-prone people like me feel a little safer, they feel and look just like any other standard rug. One of the best parts of the Ruggable concept, in my opinion, is that the price is fairly low and, once you have the bottom layer Rug Pad, you can purchase other Rug Covers for a significantly lower price — $250 down from $399 for the 8x10 or $80 down from $109 for a 3x5. This means you could swap in red around the holidays or yellow in the summer, or just switch things up when the mood strikes. It allows for a much more customizable and festive home.

Although I put my rug in my bedroom (and loved it), I think Ruggable would be best for kitchens, entryways, or dining rooms where spills and foot traffic is heaviest. Having the ability to easily clean a full-size rug after an accident, especially with kids or pets in the home, is a true game-changer.

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