15 Pieces of '90s Throwback Decor That'll Make You Miss Your Childhood

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Kids of the '90s had, shall we say, a particular flair when it came to decor. Pulling from such refined retailers as Spencer's Gifts, the Delia's catalog, and Hot Topic, we were able to accessorize our lairs with sophisticated tie-dye palettes, lighting that was liquid in form, and furniture that could be popped. Okay, so there was a lot to regret. But some of those key '90s bedroom items are actually still cool — just in updated forms. Check out these throwback pieces:

1. Intex Inflatable Pull-Out Chair, $44.99

Inflatable furniture was, uh, an interesting idea? While we'd never in a million years bring back the sparkly purple pieces of our youth, we gotta say — this inflatable chair actually has a very retro '70s vibe that could be shockingly good in a guest room.

2. Target Lava Lamp, $15.29

Thanks to the Delia's catalog, lava lamps made an aggressive comeback in the late '90s. Target's update with gold-toned outfittings could be a very groovy addition on a vanity table.

3. Nelson Crisscross Ball Pendant Lamp, $495

Everyone, at some point or another, had a paper lantern precariously hung over a lightbulb. That's not something we'd advise these days, but this high-design pendant recalls those soft lighting vibes in a much more sophisticated way.

4. Urban Outfitters Bamboo Beaded Curtain, $49

What was it with our obsession with the '70s? Beaded curtains in Mardi Gras hues adorned door frames and four-poster beds, and while we might not put up a plastic rainbow anymore, we'd absolutely consider Urban's more boho take.

5. Braun Alarm Clock, $40

So, it's not that we had this alarm clock, but our dads definitely did. And we gotta say, the design is now classic.

6. Wary Meyers Virgo Cluster Soap, $14

Remember those glycerine soaps with colorful chunks? Well, it's not that they ever really went away, but they do make us think about random bar/bat mitzvah gift bags. Wary Meyers' soaps take the same idea, but make the motif feel way more artistic and modern.

7. UO Tune In Bluetooth Cassette Boombox, $39.99

Almost every good '90s memory involves a boombox. Buy some Mariah Carey tapes, lay on the floor, and think of the past.

8. Hodges Bean Bag Chair, $109.99

Were bean bag chairs ever even attractive? But man, they were comfy. And these days you can still get them in styles that aren't entirely offensive.

9. Mina Victory Life Styles Tie Dye Pillow, $139.99

Here's a subtle reminder of that neon tie-dye tapestry your parents hated.

10. Wyatt Little for Ban.do Ceramic Phone Vase, $90

In the '90s, a phone was an integral detail in your bedroom design. Seems unlikely you'd put one in your home now, but this Ban.do vase is the perfect way to satisfy your nostalgia.

11. The Citizenry Palermo Chair, $675

Kudos to the genius who pushed the butterfly chair. Thanks to him/her, you could actually buy a piece of furniture with your allowance. The Citizenry's interpretation might take a bit more in the way of funds, but it's a classy way to bring back the trend.

12. Ikea Bryne Net, $19.99

Mosquito netting was one way '90s girls brought princess vibes to their rooms. There's not a lot of difference in this Ikea offering to the models we had back then, and we gotta say: We'd still go for it.

13. Casa Sunshine '90s Pattern Decals, starting at $12.35

Wow, this is definitely bringing us back to every family's "kid's" bathroom. There's no reason not to rock some of these fun decals in an office or — why not — a bathroom today.

14. West Elm Brass Peace Sign, $9.99

If peace signs still make you smile, but you're not about to hang a massive blacklight poster, try this subtle West Elm paperweight instead.

15. Brentwood 557 Bedrest Pillow, $32.60

We remembered these being called "boyfriend pillows" — which we take massive issue with now. But there was no better way to do homework in bed. And we'd gladly work this into a navy bedroom scheme (sans homework).

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