The Citizenry's New Summer Furniture Collection Offers Pure Vacation Vibes

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Not sure about you ... but we could use a vacation right about now. In the meantime, you know what helps? Creating an at-home, backyard oasis. And The Citizenry's new summer furniture collection allows you to do just that. Its outdoor home goods are handmade in Guadalajara, Mexico, using organic materials that are inspired by traditional Mexican design. So it's easy to see where the vacation vibes come from.

The collection ranges in price from $195 to $550, and it features some of our favorite trends, like terrazzo and concrete. Check it out below.

1. Fayette Chair in Black, $550

2. Santa Cruz Terrazzo Planters in Black, starting at $215

3. Santa Cruz Terrazzo Side Table in Black, $295

4. Polanco Concrete Side Table in White, $265

5. Polanco Concrete Planters in White, $195

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