Add to Cart: The Bedside Clock Your Dad Used to Love

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Perhaps you've noticed: Braun is back.

The German clock brand was especially popular in the '90s and early 2000s — you know, the time before we all carried giant clocks (aka cell phones) in our pockets and actually needed separate devices to help us tell time or get us out of bed. Braun's travel alarm clock was a standard on practical folks' bedside tables (hi, Dad) and really the only feature was a crescendo beeping alarm that was turned turned off by a top button.

We're sure that Braun clocks have been around since that long-ago time but we've noticed that all of a sudden, they're a bit more visible and cool retailers are selling them again — places like Poketo and the MoMA store. The unbearably hip Need Supply Co. sells a more high-tech version, but we prefer the stripped-down classic model that brings us back to a simpler time.

Braun Classic Alarm Clock (Black), $35, available at Poketo.

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