11 Brilliant Ways Parents Use IKEA's Trofast Storage System

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IKEA's Trofast storage system is a godsend to parents. Practically indestructible and definitely affordable, the Trofast offers bin storage that can be configured for so many different looks and uses. If you're thinking about ways to de-clutter a kid's room or searching for nursery furniture options that pull double duty, scroll on to see just how helpful and fun Trofast can be.


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1. Add cushions to create a seating area.

This clever parent put two of the stepped units together to create a comfy middle seat.


2. Add dots to make the bins look like dice.

Helps kids begin to learn their numbers, too! You can use paint or circles of black cardstock.


3. Make a double desk for children who share a room.

One of the more popular ways to use Trofast is to create desk setups.


4. Line an entire wall with low storage.

This actually looks pretty sweet thanks to that fun color combo.


5. Decorate with decals.

Use colorful stickers, like these decals by Potter & Mash, to turn Trofast bins into decor. You can even use pieces of removable wallpaper, too.


6. Make a mini kitchen.

Organize your young chef's kitchen with a Trofast setup.


7. Or, create a corner desk.

Great for small spaces!


8. Go neutral.

To avoid making a nursery seem too cluttered, opt for the white bins and pair with IKEA's ever-popular Sinnerlig pendant.

9. Go for clubhouse vibes.

Got a backyard shed? Turn it into a play zone with a simple Trofast desk and a pegboard.

10. Double up.

Another popular way to style the Trofast is to include a wall unit that sits above one of the standard floor units. Plus, we love the use of labeling to keep things neat.

11. Create a child-size staircase.

If you're the handy type, transform the top of a stepped Trofast into a mini staircase. It looks particularly charming when styled with a matching slide and bed.