16 Incredibly Tricked Out IKEA Flisat Dollhouses

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IKEA's kid-friendly offerings are too good to ignore. From that infinitely hackable Kura bed to those customizable play kitchens, the retailer always makes sure there's room for functionality and creativity when it comes to furnishings for wee ones. If you're looking for a fun addition to your nursery, try the Flisat dollhouse ($34.99), which can be totally tricked out, as proven by these creative parents/DIYers. Check out their impressive designs:


1. Boho Minimalism

Dang ... these details are on-point. We're pretty sure we've seen these rooms on Instagram.

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2. Sleek Barnyard

By adding the silhouette of a wooded landscape and some wood toy animals, you can create a highbrow, gender-neutral play zone.


3. Fire Station

Bring in some toy fire trucks, create a ladder out of washi tape, include some red accents, and voila: DIY fire station.


4. Geometric Abode

Use samples of removable wallpaper or adhesive drawer liners to create a fun combo of patterns. And if you've got extra left over, why not cut out shapes and stick them on the wall to create a complete experience?


5. Drawn-On Dollhouse

Proof you don't need to even head to the craft store for fancy materials — just put up plain white paper and use a Sharpie to create trompe l'oeil motifs.



6. Quaint Quarters

There's not actually a ton to this design, but it just comes off as pure cuteness thanks to that flag banner (so easy to DIY), pastel color palette, and, of course, mice family.


7. Simple and Pretty

IKEA dollhouse ... or just your cool friend's apartment? You can actually buy some of the pieces in this house at Pretty Little Minis.


8. A Bit of Boho

Honestly, that bedroom is boho perfection.


9. Propped Up

Putting in some sweet wallpaper and propping up the house on a base makes it look totally professional.



10. Recycled Rooms

We love the decor scheme in this house, especially because much of the furniture was made from recycled cardboard!

11. Monochromatic Manse

What's black and white and awesome all over?

12. Modern Dwelling

Obsessed with selection? You can buy this stuff! Head over to One Brown Bear.

13. Moody and Chic

We're in love with the dark bathroom, pink refrigerator, and mini stone bust.


14. Cozy Holiday Cottage

This IKEA Flisat dollhouse got the cottagecore memo.

15. Modern Christmas

Christmas gets a contemporary twist in this bright and stylish dollhouse.

16. Romantic Vintage

The decorative frames and double doors are beautiful, but can we just talk about that posh fireplace? So creative.



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