This Just In: These IKEA Kids’ Bedroom Ideas Are Straight-Up Genius (and Affordable)

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We think IKEA is a pretty magical place. Between the princess cake and other tasty eats, twinkling paper star lights, and impeccably styled spaces, we can think of worse ways to spend an afternoon. And then there are their kids' bedroom ideas, the ones you can see displayed throughout the store, catalogs, and online. IKEA always puts together the dreamiest bedrooms around, and lucky for us, we can easily recreate them in our own homes thanks to their oh-so-affordable-prices.


Whether you're decking out your little's room in top-to-bottom IKEA or simply weaving in pieces here and there, these adorable ideas will definitely inspire you.

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1. Buy items that serve a dual purpose.

Many, many, many IKEA products have this amazing ability to be not one, but two, three, or even four things in one. For instance, Joni of Lay Baby Lay decided to hang this adorable piece above her daughters' beds as a wall shelf, but they can also be used as doll houses any time her girls wish.

Get the look: IKEA Flisat Doll House/Wall Shelf, $34.99

2. Create surfaces for homework and artwork.

If you're looking to create a work surface in your kiddos' bedroom — which is so smart, because they'll use it all the time from work to play — look no further than IKEA. For example, Casey of The DIY Playbook used this wall-mounted combo to attach three desks to the wall. Brilliant!


Get the look: IKEA Svalnäs Wall-Mounted Storage Combination, $167

3. Carve out space for a reading nook.

There are lots of IKEA pieces that can transform a humble corner into a cozy and wonderful reading nook for your little one (we personally think a reading nook is a requirement among kids' bedroom ideas). Holly of Avenue Lifestyle inventively used a TV unit to design a space for reading, complete with storage and updated pulls for extra style points.



Get the look: IKEA Bestå TV Unit with Doors, $189

4. Design a secret hideout.

It's no secret that IKEA products are made for small spaces, including kids' bedroom ideas. If your little one wants to have a secret hideout all to themselves, you can help turn that dream into a reality like John and Sherry of Young House Love did in their daughter's bedroom. They neatly and covertly tucked away a dressing table and chair in a blush-hued closet, complete with a floral-patterned accent wall.


Get the look: IKEA Brimnes Dressing Table, $99

5. Bring personality to bunk beds.

IKEA is all about convertible beds (hello, KURA!), a style seen in this bedroom put together by Linda of The Home I Create. After using the loft style design to create makeshift bunk beds, she styled them with pretty throw pillows, a mini mural, artwork, and a wall sconce.


Get the look: IKEA Kura Reversible Bed, $179

6. Don’t forget about storage.

We all know that IKEA is a storage wonderland, which is especially convenient when it comes to kids' bedroom ideas. Once you've picked out the decor and furniture pieces, bring in clever storage outfitted with woven bins like Christina of The DIY Mommy did in this green sanctuary.



Get the look: IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit, $49.99

7. Weave in bold details.

We think bold patterns are perfect for kids' bedroom ideas, from soft florals to dramatic stripes — visuals that are displayed in this cool space belonging to Aniko of Place of My Taste. Thanks to IKEA, you can pile on the bold prints in your own child's room, too. From pillows to blankets to bedding to upholstery to area rugs, the options are nearly limitless.


Get the look: IKEA Stockholm Rug, $199

8. Make playthings part of the decor.

IKEA makes some of the most adorable toys in the world (seriously — look no further than their bins of stuffed animals that we want to take home), so it's wise to stock up when you're setting up your kids' bedroom. You can never go wrong with a play kitchen, which cool mom Sylvia Tribel blended seamlessly with the rest of her daughter's stylish decor.

Get the look: IKEA Duktig Play Kitchen, $89



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