11 IKEA Bedroom Ideas Perfect for Small Spaces

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There's a lot to love about small bedrooms. They're cozy, easy to keep clean, and often they can help your mind create a clear distinction between awake space and sleeping space. In fact, the biggest problem with small bedrooms is usually a lack of storage — whether it's for clothes, shoes, or bedside necessities like your iPhone and a late-night snack.


Luckily, IKEA has a slew of stylish, budget-friendly options for optimizing bedroom storage. Here are 11 of our favorites — some are meant for the bedroom and others are the result of a little creative thinking.

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1. Double-Duty Mirror

This full-length mirror is a space-saving gem. Not only will it make your bedroom feel bigger, the hidden clothes rack on the back can hold at least a week's worth of outfits. For an even more budget-friendly option, check out the Knapper ($59.99).


Get the look: IKEA Ikornnes Floor Mirror, $129

2. Dresser as Nightstand

A small bedroom doesn't have to mean choosing between a dresser and a nightstand. This compact three-drawer chest is the perfect size to pull double duty, and because it's made of unfinished pine, it's easy to customize so it fits your style (though it looks good as-is, too!).


Get the look: IKEA Tarva 3-Drawer Chest, $119

3. Wall-Mounted Lamp

If your nightstand surface area is at a premium, like the one in this blue bedroom, don't waste it on a clunky table lamp. Instead, mount a telescoping sconce on the wall, above or next to the bed, or use the clamp to affix it to a shelf or headboard.



Get the look: IKEA Ranarp Wall/Clamp Spotlight, $24.99

4. Upside-Down Bracket for Clothes

If you have just 8 inches of wall space to spare, you can have hanging clothes storage. When turned upside down, this simple shelf bracket becomes a compact clothing rack. You can even use a few to create a DIY open-closet system.


Get the look: IKEA Ekby Lerberg Bracket, $3

5. Practical Pegboard

With this modular pegboard, you can customize your bedside storage without taking up any floor space. You can even mount several behind the bed to create a DIY headboard for holding nighttime necessities and more (hello, plant shelf!).


Get the look: IKEA Skådis Pegboard Combination, $17.99

6. Cabinet-Headboard Hybrid

If you're handy and have a few extra feet of floor space to play with, follow the lead of designer Therese Knutsen and consider converting a series of cabinets into a modern headboard that doubles as extra storage.



Get the look: IKEA Ekestad Door, starting at $89-$269

7. Clothes Hanging Over the Dresser

Who has room for a clothing rack and a dresser? Probably not the genius who decided to hang one over the other. A simple curtain rod can maximize storage space — and look super modern — when hung from the ceiling.


Get the look: IKEA Hugad Curtain Rod, $6.99

8. Super-High Shelves

Eke even more storage out of your small space by mounting shelves close to the ceiling. Use them for items you don't reach for every day, but that still belong in the bedroom. This one is the perfect size to fit over most doorways.


Get the look: IKEA Ekby Järpen/Ekby Valter Wall Shelf, $28.99

9. Under-Bed Storage

Just about any bed can be converted into a storage bed with the help of a few boxes on casters. And these sleek black ones will go (mostly) unnoticed when tucked away. Use them to store blankets, shoes, or an out-of-season wardrobe.



Get the look: IKEA Vardö Underbed Storage Box, $29.99

10. Wall-Mounted Cubby

When mounted by the bed, this compact cube provides two tiers of shelving without taking up an inch of floor space. Bonus: You can hang it at any height you want, or double up for extra bedside storage.

Get the look: IKEA Eket Wall-Mounted Shelving Unit, $20

11. Hidden Hamper

Dirty clothes need to go somewhere, but traditional hampers take up way too much floor space — especially in a tiny bedroom. Swap the traditional bin for an airy, modern storage table. It's a great place to toss your dirty laundry (as long as it's not super smelly!) and gives you an additional surface to play with.

Get the look: IKEA Kvistbro Storage Table, $59.99



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