17 IKEA Products to Fancify Your Bedroom

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Whether your bedroom is boho, farmhouse, maximalist, or just no-current-style-to-speak-of, it's one of the spaces that's most fun to upgrade. After all, your sleeping space should be fun and luxurious, don't you think? If you want to do a weekend makeover (or just add a fancy item or two), IKEA has your back. Here, some easy items that will fancify your bedchamber in a snap:


1. Snidad Basket, $27.99

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Honestly, adding a basket to a room instantly makes you seem fancier. Pile blankets or even dirty laundry in this chic rattan receptacle.


2. Nyponros Duvet Cover and Pillowcases, $29.99

Oooh, nice sheets ... what are these? Parachute? Brooklinen? NERP.


3. Sammanhang Metal Display Shelf, $14.99

This tiny wall shelf can't hold much — but would look so chic on both sides of a bed holding a single lamp. Or you could position a few above your bed, place trinkets on top, and call it art.


4. Ikornnes Ash Floor Mirror, $129

Have an empty corner? A standing mirror is gorgeous and functional.



5. Njutning Vase and Lavender Scented Sticks, $5.99

Add a soothing aroma to your bedchamber for less than the cost of a latte at your local coffee roaster.


6. Evedal Globe Lamp, $149

This is classic Scandinavian design at its finest.


7. Industriell Pendant Lamp, $29.99

This is similar to the IKEA pendant that has taken over every interior, but just a bit more restrained. Perfect for casting soft, romantic light over your bed.


8. Nordmärke Wireless Charger, $17.99


Get rid of your messy charging cable and upgrade to this sleek charging base.


9. Vinter Cushion, $19.99

If your bed doesn't have throw pillows, it probably feels naked.


10. Sammanhang Glass Domes (set of two), $9.99

You can use these glass-and-cork domes to create little displays (hit up Etsy for some vintage knickknacks, maybe?), or just use them to store extra hair ties, earplugs, headphones, or anything else junking up your bedside table.

11. Björksnäs Birch Nightstand, $69.99

Speaking of nightstands ... maybe it's finally time to get a matching set? This modern birch table is pretty perfect.


12. Tårbäk Rug, $229

When upgrading your bedroom, don't neglect the floors. Try this fun geometric rug on its own, or do the layered thing.

13. Kanelstång Plant Stand, $14.99

If you're on a budget, plants are one of the most affordable ways to bring new life into your space. Be sure to pick the right one that can actually help you sleep.

14. Mathea Throw, $12.99

Trust us, this gauzy throw is going to feel very effortless-Parisian on your bed.

15. Ypperlig Bench, $39


Not sure what your bedroom needs? A bench at the foot of the bed instantly makes things feel so much more put together.

16. Pepparkorn Vase, $5.99

All this vase needs is a single sprig of eucalyptus to bring a minimalist-chic vibe.

17. Ekrar Coat Stand, $19.99

Maybe the problem with your currently unfancy bedroom is that there are clothes everywhere. If you're just not going to have the discipline to fold your stuff right away, at least hang it gracefully on a coat rack.



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