You'll Probably Want to Buy More Plants After Viewing This Boho Bedroom

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When it comes to what we love about this space by Branch Abode, where do we even begin? This is the kind of bedroom that seems like a hideaway belonging to your most fabulous friend, but really, there are just a few things to keep in mind to have it all to yourself. White walls serve as a blank slate that allows the room's warm, neutral hues of brown and brushed gold to work their welcoming magic. Then, the stunning open shelving overflowing with plant life sets a soothing tone, while their creeping vines add an array of dreamy movement that makes artwork superfluous. Down below, a plush rug softens the look even further with its cozy finish, while a pile of throw pillows in complementary patterns provide plenty of personality on the clean linens. And as far as we're concerned, that bed frame is a stellar choice for its surroundings. Its iron finish lends a grounding touch to the nearby white and verdant details, allowing for a balanced design that's effortlessly cool.

Bring a little of this room's magic home with an iron bed of your own.

Brooklyn Iron Bed ( $164.99 )

Iron bed frame
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