Seriously, These Kids’ Bedroom Ideas Will Sell You on an All-White Palette

kids' bedroom idea with all-white palette and pops of green with tapestry on shiplap walls
credit: Lay Baby Lay

White has traditionally been known as a "no-no" color for kids. No white pants (grass stains!), no white shoes (mud!), and white bedrooms were typically frowned upon for little ones, too. What about spills? Tracked-in dirt? Or, impromptu murals in crayon on your pristine white walls?

Fast-forward to 2019. White is no longer off-limits. With all of the washable paint colors and wallpaper available, not to mention stain-resistant carpet and flooring, it is possible to create a top-to-bottom white bedroom for, yes, your child, which we promise will look beautiful for more than one day.

So whether you're only brave enough to mix in a dash of ivory or you like a challenge and want to go all-in on the all-white trend, here are six of our very favorite kids' bedroom ideas that will convince you to take the plunge:

1. Weave in little pops of color.

If you're setting up a white bedroom for your kiddos, you don't necessarily need to go all-in with the hue. In fact, we encourage breaking it up with bursts of color here and there, in either vibrant shades or subtle tones. Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors captured the look in this sweet bunk room. The hints of pink are the finishing touch this bright space needed.

2. Let the light in.

White and airy kids' bedroom idea with wall paneling and mirror above dresser
credit: Studio McGee

Kids' bedroom ideas should feel happy, spirited, and expressive. You can set the tone by allowing lots of light to flow in, which will only make the space look brighter with a white color palette. Shea of Studio McGee shows us how it's done with this charming boudoir.

3. Add some whimsy with cute wallpaper.

Although paint is the go-to when creating a white bedroom, you can always turn to white wallpaper as well. Bonus points if it features an adorable pattern that's guaranteed to make your little ones grin. We are enamored with the bunny print showcased in this bedroom styled by Jude of The Homebird Life.

4. Reinforce a white palette with furniture.

Anchor the delicate color palette in your child's white bedroom with white furniture. Heavy wood finishes will likely look too heavy, but a white dresser and beds were just right for this dreamy setup perfected by Meg of Stage Style Stras.

5. Create visual interest with black.

When it comes to kids' bedroom ideas showcasing a white palette, sometimes the eye needs a little something to rest upon, and touches of black can do the trick. Patti Wagner accomplished this look by bringing in black metal bed frames that act as a vintage focal point to an otherwise all-white space.

6. Incorporate vintage details.

kids' bedroom idea with all-white palette and pops of green with tapestry on shiplap walls
credit: Lay Baby Lay

Kids' bedroom ideas in white can provide a clean slate, which is handy if you're drawn to vintage aesthetics. A blank canvas will permit you to decorate with a variety of antique treasures while keeping the space looking fresh and uncluttered. A vintage flag, some paint-by-numbers artwork, and a few horse ribbons add rustic character and charm to this space designed by Joni of Lay Baby Lay.

Shelby Deering

Shelby Deering

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