9 IKEA Items That Pull Double Duty

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You know IKEA is already a bargain — but what's better than something that works twice as hard for your money? Especially if you are a small space dweller, you know that items that pull double duty are crucial to keeping your home organized.


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1. Delaktig Bed, $429

Eliminate the need for nightstands with this bed that conveniently comes with side table surfaces attached.


2. Möjlighet Headset and Tablet Stand, $3.99

If you've got a tiny desk, keeping it as clear as possible is key. Enter this simple stand that allows you to display your phone or tablet as well as store your headphones.


3. Ivar Two-Section Unit With Foldable Table, $282

Here's a piece of furniture that would make living in a minuscule kitchen way easier. Pull down the table when you're ready to eat; otherwise, when closed, it's just another cabinet.


4. Kvistbro Table, $49.99

The area surrounding a couch is prime real estate, and this storage table offers a sneaky spot for blankets, books, or anything else you don't need to access too often.


5. Bekant Storage Unit, $239

At first glance, this is just an average piece of office furniture, but the bottom drawer is actually a lock box that can be opened with a smart key card.


6. Delaktig Armchair, $519

This chair is a three-in-one: cozy lounge spot, side table, and lamp.


7. Gladom Tray Table, $19.99

The top of this table easily lifts off to become a portable tray — perfect for cleanup after parties.


8. Hektar Work Lamp, $64.99

A classic desk lamp gets a modern upgrade thanks to a built-in wireless charging pad for your phone.

9. Ekby Alex Shelf Drawer, $62.99

The best ideas are often the most simple: If you're going to have a floating shelf as a surface, why not utilize the space below it?