How to Adjust the Height of an Ikea Galant

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Things You'll Need

  • Metric Allen wrench

  • Level


An Allen wrench that came with the T-legged table may be stored in a small rubber clip at the upper side of one of the table legs.

A key feature of the Galant series of tables and desks is that the legs can be adjusted to meet your needs. Adjusting the height of an Ikea Galant depends on the type of legs on the unit. If you have the T-type legs, it is necessary to have an assistant to hold the end of the desk or table you are working under.

Galant With T-Type Legs

Step 1

Go under the table on one end and locate the Allen head adjustment screw on the center of the table leg.

Step 2

Ask someone to hold the end of the table to prevent it from dropping while you adjust the leg height. Turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise with the Allen wrench one full turn.

Step 3

Grasp the bottom portion of the leg and push it up to raise the height of the table. To lower the height of the table, ask your helper to slowly lower the end of the table.

Step 4

Turn the adjustment screw clockwise to lock the leg in position when the desired height is achieved.

Step 5

Place a level on the table or desk to ensure that adjustments to the other leg will keep the tabletop level.

Step 6

Repeat the adjustment for the opposite leg. Place the Allen wrench inside the rubber clip for future adjustments.

Galant With Four Legs

Step 1

Grasp the upper portion of one leg in one hand. Turn the lower portion of the leg counterclockwise with your other hand. This unlocks the lower inner leg from the upper outer leg.

Step 2

Push the inner leg up to lower the table height or pull it down to raise the table height. There are notches on the inner leg to indicate table height.

Step 3

Turn the inner leg clockwise to lock the leg in position.

Step 4

Place a level on the table or desk to ensure that adjustments to the other legs will keep the tabletop level.

Step 5

Repeat the process for the remaining three legs, checking for level during the adjustments.


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