28 Crazy-Good Ikea Items Under $5 (Yes, for Real)

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Ikea already is a budgeter's heaven. We all know this. But if you're like us, you get a huge thrill from getting something not just for cheap, but for dirt cheap. And Ikea is one of the few design-forward retailers where you can go, spend literally just a few dollars, and walk away with something either cute or incredibly useful. Here are the crazy-inexpensive Ikea items we will always recommend:

1. Varkrage Throw, $4.99

When we celebrated Hunker's one-year anniversary by throwing an outdoor dinner party, we stocked up on these blankets because they were hella cheap, but also so cute. Just sayin'

2. Behovd Vacuum Flask, $4.99

Keep coffee hot in this chic sage green pitcher for leisurely Sunday mornings.

3. Lyskraft Paper Napkins ( 20 per pack ), $2.49

These paper napkins strike just the right modern tone for a casual get-together.

4. Fixa Tape Measure, $0.99

Pretty much one of the most essential of household tools ... and for less than a dollar, you can stock up on a few, because if you're like us, you're always misplacing your tape measure.

5. Stelna Glass Mug, $0.79

Doesn't this design just feel perfectly Scandinavian?

6. Gradvis Plant Pot, $4.99

It's a match made in heaven: Millennials love plants and they also love millennial pink.

7. Knalla Backpack, $4.99

This backpack is seriously cool. Ikea: Maybe it's time for you to start branching out into fashion?

8. Lillhult USB Cord, $4.99

USB cords are like socks: Where the heck do they disappear to? On your next Ikea outing, grab a couple of these cheapies as backups.

9. Ikea 365+ Clear Glasses (set of six), $3.99

Let us break down the genius of this deal: These glasses are 66 cents each. Plus, we gotta say, at dinner parties, we prefer a flat wine glass to a stemmed one — that's just asking for an accident to happen.

10. Svartsjon Toilet Roll Holder $3.99

Having a nice toilet roll holder is the kind of detail that makes guests think that you really have your life together.

11. Tjena Storage Box, $1.99

We're always on the lookout for more storage solutions. Better yet: storage solutions that are actually attractive.

12. Chosigt Container Grater, $4.99

It's a lidded cheese grater — so your stuff doesn't get all over the counter. Pretty clever.

13. Avskild Cork Placemats (set of four), $4.99

Looking for an easy way to preserve your dining room table without having to make a huge statement? These uber-cheap cork placemats are the minimalist answer you seek.

14. Festmaltid Lunch Box, $3.99

We've always been a fan of Ikea's food storage options. But this little lunch box might actually inspire us to start taking lunch to work for once.

15. Kungskaktus Dish Towel (set of two), $2.99

Gotta love a grid motif.

16. Frasera Whiskey Glass, $2.99

No joke: We first saw these glasses in one of our favorite L.A. restaurants and had to ask where they were from. When they said, "Ikea," we were like, "Are you sure?" But it's true!

17. Bastis Lint Roller, $1.49

We never miss the lint rollers on an Ikea trip.

18. Tvars Table Lamp, $3.99

Calling all dorm dwellers or first-time apartment mover-inners: You're not going to do better than this minimalist bedside lamp for only $4.

19. Intagande Glass, $1.99

Aside from making a dinner set-up look great, there are so many ways to use these glasses to bring character to your space: Try using them for storing makeup brushes, create a fat floral bouquet, or fill one up with a few cool matchbooks.

20. Istad Plastic Freezer Bag ( 30 per pack ), $2.99

We're pretty sure these are less expensive than your leading name-brand plastic baggies you find at the grocery store. And they are a million times cooler.

21. Blomdoft Scented Candles (set of three), $4.99

Place this trio of peony-scented candles on a dish to achieve an ombre effect. Or ...

22. Skurar Candle Holder, $1.99

Pop one in this magical, perforated candle holder for a bit of color.

23. Ikea 365+ Cork Coaster (set of two), $1.99

These cork coasters might not look like much ... but if you saw them in the apartment of your cool European friend, you'd probably be like, Wow, this is how cool European people live.

24. Foremal Vase, $4.99

This vase looks way more high-end-independent-designer than $4.99 Ikea. (Shhh, we'll never tell anyone if you don't.)

25. Sammanhang Glass Box, $3.99

Another perfect accessory for your vanity table: Try filling this box with jewelry or cotton balls.

26. Knalla Umbrella, $3.99

Hi, you're cute. We'll take three.

27. Friskhet Scented Candle, $3.99

Here's the thing: We luuuuurve scented candles. And while we'd love to be one of those people who always has a fancy candle in every room, money-wise, that just isn't happening. That's where Ikea's scented candles step in. The minimalist packaging coveys an upscale vibe while the fragrances (this one is a mix of cedar, sandalwood, and vanilla) also feel elevated.

28. Ikea 365+ Carafe, $4.99

Whether you want to make your dinner parties classier or just want to keep your cat out of your water glass — having a few of these gorgeous carafes around can't hurt.

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