5 DIY Dollhouse Kits That Will Take Up SO Much Time

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So, you've done every puzzle in the house and organized every closet? If you're hunting for a project that's a bit more ambitious, consider getting old-school with it and buying a DIY dollhouse kit. Most come without paints, so we suggest you also purchase some fun colors. For the interiors, consider ordering wallpaper samples or printing out cute patterns to adorn the walls. Check out these dollhouse kits you can order online ASAP:


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1. Little Shop of Miniatures Victorian Dollhouse Kit, $349.99

2. Glencroft Dollhouse Kit, $116

3. Greenleaf Orchid Dollhouse Kit, $49.95

4. Gothic Villa Mansion Dollhouse Kit, $127.50

5. Greenleaf Laurel Dollhouse Kit, $74.95


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