5 Brilliant Things You Can Do With Washi Tape

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Unless you've been out of the loop these past few years, then you've probably noticed the versatility — and down-right adorable patterns — of washi tape. But the stand-in for standard office tape is more than just a way to decorate stationery. This budget-friendly product is also an easy decor item, and with a little ingenuity, it can add a creative touch to any room in your home. From an imaginative headboard to a shelving accent, and a wall mural to a kids' game, here are five ways you can use washi tape to enliven your space.


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Create a Headboard

Who says all headboards have to be made the same way? You can match your washi tape to your linens, and craft a headboard that's equal parts whimsical and architectural.


Design a Wall Mural

Kids rooms are meant to be more fun than functional, so it's the perfect place for a washi tape mural. Take a tip from this example and make a cartoonish mountain design on a small section of a wall, which can also work to designate a "play" corner.


Make a Kids' Game

Washi tape can also be used on the floor of a kids room in the shape of a game. Use different colors and sizes of tape to fashion a road, or use the supplies to craft your take on an existing game, like "Twister."

Add a Shelf Detail

The interiors of your kitchen cabinets probably don't get as much attention as the exteriors. But, put a strip of washi tape on their ledges — like the cheeky polka dot design of this example — and that might change.


Give Your Planter a Makeover

Washi tape is temporary, of course, so you can put it on items for a fresh detail that can be switched out when you're looking for something new. Take this planter, for instance. A dimensional design is a nice change, but you can easily revert back to the plain white finish when you want simplicity.



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