These Kids' Playroom Ideas Are the Definition of Fun

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Creating your child's playroom might be the most fun design job in your whole home. While nursery rooms tend to stick to a theme, the refreshing thing about a playroom is that it just needs to be fun. Whether your playroom features a fort, a rock wall, or a mini-kitchen, the following rooms will have your head spinning with cool ideas:


1. Indoor gym

If it's snowing outside or you live in an apartment that isn't especially conducive to playing outside, bringing the outdoor activities inside. Consider a rock wall, soft mat, or overheard climbing rope gym that will keep your kids stimulated and active in a safe environment that encourages physical activity.

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2. Hanging chairs

A hanging chair is both comfortable and safe, and it will become your kid's favorite little hideaway and a cooler alternative to a regular chair. An indoor swing or hammock is also a similar option, like this one from Ikea ( $24.99 ). Here's a DIY to hang the chair in your house.


3. Tunnels

This loft bed sits over a hidden hideaway that your kid can call his own. This playroom is both cozy and playful with a reading nook to the left of the tunnel that gives this carefree room a sophisticated touch.


4. Tiny kitchen

There is nothing cuter than miniatures. This entire mini-kitchen set is available at Pottery Barn Kids. Your kid will grow up to become a master chef with their faux training in this adorable culinary set.



5. Slide entrance

The only way to make a room dedicated to playing even more fun is to build one with a slide entrance. This Lego-themed room is already a highly covetable playroom, but the addition of the slide as an alternate entrance really takes this up a notch.


6. Forts

Children and forts seem to go hand-in-hand generation after generation. While a temporary fort made with blankets and chairs is always the best kind, a freestanding fort or teepee can be a fun addition. Land of Nod has a range of forts that make us wish we were a kid again.


7. A stage

Encourage your child's creativity and confidence with a corner stage. Let your child perform for friends and family at their own little open mic. To do this, you really only need a corner of the room to hang floor-to-ceiling drapes in. You can add a wooden platform or just keep the "stage" on the ground level.



8. A fantasy market

Build your own mini-grocery store so all your kid's adorable miniature fake foods have somewhere to go. We love the addition of the chalkboard wall to list today's "Market Specials." The attention to detail is lovely.


9. A cheerful color palette

Besides doing fun things to do in a playroom, spicing up the walls and decor with a relaxing but cheerful color palette will bring a necessary vibrancy to any playroom. Try using washi tape in a contrasting color to create fun designs.


10. An indoor canoe

We love this plush canoe by Land of Nod. It's a fun alternative to a bean bag or overstuffed chair. Plus, if you want to go for a nautical or adventure theme, this fits right in.


11. Canopies and bean bags

Make a playroom more comfy by placing bean bag chairs around the room. Turn those cozy floor cushions into an inexpensive nook by adding a canopy overhead.

12. Organize to maximize fun

This bright and cheerful room maximizes its floor and surface area space by keeping everything organized. While it might be nearly impossible to keep a playroom organized, a cluttered space isn't fun for anyone to play in.

13. Art space

A playroom can be a great space to explore self-expression through art. Encourage play activities that center around creativity. This room features a clear creative workspace, a chalkboard, and a cute clothesline gallery to hang up any completed art work.

14. A kid-sized studio apartment

Think of the playroom as a child-friendly studio apartment. We love this miniature home set that features a kitchen, washer and dryer, vacuum, and even a pint-sized broom. This is any child's "playing house" dream come to reality.



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