Newsflash: There Is Such a Thing as a Sophisticated Kid's Room

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Let's face it: kids rooms have never been easy to decorate. On the one hand, you want your kids to have some say in the look and feel of their domaines β€” but then you risk working with an orange and green color palette. And on the other hand, most children's accessories tend to be more cutesy than chic, creating a decor scheme that clashes with the rest of your home. But as it turns out, there's a third option: upscale spaces that are still fun enough for young sensibilities. How exactly does that work? Follow the lead of these tricks, and create a kid's room that an adult would rather hang out in.


Mint Green Walls Are a Dreamy Backdrop

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Mint green walls and butterfly decals make this kid's room by Frampton Co a class act. Keep the rest of the furnishings neutral and use gold detailing for a whimsical β€” yet subdued β€” effect.

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A Muted Palette Makes Way for Personality

A trio of gray, black, and white is very popular right now with modern decor, and this example by Archopedia still makes those mature shades fit for kids. The secret? Patterns. Mix and match playful polka dots with stripes to give the look an effortless, charming finish.

Imaginative Themes Don't Have to Be Flashy

Want to create a space where your child's imagination can blossom? Take a tip from this setup by Ms. Multitask, which takes advantage of the minimalism trend by creating a mountain mural from subdued tones.

Save Bold Hues for the Ceiling

Yes, your kids can still be in charge of the color that goes on their walls. But you can decide where exactly it ends up. If your kids pick a bold shade, take a note from this example by Design Plus Mag and paint it on the ceiling. Not only will it contain the color, but it will also heighten the room by drawing the eye up.


Incorporate Adult-Worthy Textures

Macrame may be all the rage for the 18-and-over crowd, but that doesn't mean that the look has to stay out of little kid spaces. The Whimsical Wall made use of this fun texture in an even more inviting teepee, giving the room added interest and a place to play.


Copper Accents Are for All Ages

Making the transition from a young kid's room to a teenage space is a challenge, but one way to bridge that gap is through metallics. Copper has a reflective allure that appeals to adolescent fun, but it also has a clean finish that grownups flock to. Take a hint from Little Liberty Rooms: use this accent to make you and your kid happy.



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